Catch Up with a Mate……

Today I am launching Catch Up With a Mate Month..

I had high hopes of launching a fantastic blog today, but alas, that has not happened….

Catch up with a Mate month is all about reconnecting with friends past and present that are important to you over any given time period. I have committed to the month of June, and hope to catch up with people I hold dear to me in a settling that complements our friendship, in a cafe, and art gallery, rain forest, a new city….

I will be documenting the momentous occasions that the catch ups bring during June on my blog, and am hoping to inspire others to jump on board and create their own catch up days, weekends, months etc…and for people to be inspired to detail the trials and tribulations that only true friendship can bring on this page…..

Let’s use this blog as a way of documenting the wonders of friendship….Is that even possible??

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