Catch Up with A Mate Launch Party

Well….the launch party of Catch Up with a Mate was rather lame….A proposed work out session at Darlinghurst Fitness First with my favourite training buddy, Fiona, was cancelled.

Fiona is a wonder woman and had to put her ‘ Mum’ hat on when her little girl, Matilda, was rushed to RPA with a suspected broken wrist….Since snooping on facebook today, I believe the wrist is only sprained.

Anyway this put  our chance to worship at the pilates alter of the one and only Pilates instructor, Mr Chris P, firmly on hold….well actually only for Fiona…I could have persevered….But no…I had other plans.

I went home, put my PJs on, snacked on Tim Tams and started reading the book ‘ Time Travellers Wife’…..alone, with my cat Flora, resting at my feet…..Hold onto your hats guys, Catch up with a Mate Month is off to a rocky start!!

p.s To make matters even more trying…and the blog even more bland that one could possibly imagine, my camera is broken and I don’t think I iwll be able to document the catch ups in photo form….I will have to use the wonders of the written word to paint a picture each and every catch up….

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