Catch up with a Mate…Alone

Day two of turning my friendship circle on its head, embracing all opportunities and finding the time to catch up with all my wonderful friends in my over crowded social calender….NOT!!

Somehow this venture is not working….YET…I have faith that social events will flow…..I just have to take initiative….

Put it out there to Gods, ask my friends to commit to things…those who ask receive…or something like that!

So day two of ‘ Catch up with a Mate’ month…time was spent mostly in an office block in Darlington, Sydney….sitting in front of a computer screen, the fluorescent glow of office lights dampening my spirits. I had caught a taxi to work, and had a casual chat with the cab driver who had started his shift at 6am in the morning…I took great pleasure in the fact that my work day would  start and finish before the cabbie was only half way through his shift!!

By the end of the day, and with no social plans in place for the evening, I took myself to Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe in Broadway…..I indulged in a dark hot chocolate, and greedily consumed the contents of the ceramic mug in under 2 minutes. My trusted novel, ‘ The Time Travellers Wife’ was with me, and I felt very at home in the cafe surrounds. Yes I was alone, but I enjoyed spending time with myself, treating myself to a rich chocolate beverage after another work day, but the cafe stop making it just that little more special…a little less ordinary….

Whilst I ponder about renaming my blog ‘ My Month with the Book that Oprah raved about’….I look toward tomorrow with a fresh eye and fresh ideas for how to make this month festive and friendly…..

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