Catch Up with a Mate…Groundwork….

One may say that groundwork for ‘ Catch Up with a Mate Month’ should have been done well before the month of June crept around….but hononstly I was too busy have fun in May to invest time into June!!

Catch ups in May included a visit to the South Coast of NSW, to the infamous caravan park known as ‘ Bream Beach’…what fun was had!! A reunion 20 years in the making with a group of childhood friends, who had fallen out of regular contact….

A visit to the Archibald prize at the NSW Art Gallery with my 3 month old god daughter…who sleept through the experience, whilst her Mum, Dad and I gazed at the wonders of the 2011 collection of portraits…only to exit in record time to feast on the delights of Italian cuisine at ‘ Bill and Tony’s’, Stanley Street, East Sydney…

Whilst only two catch ups in May are documented, it was indeed a crazy month…but no excuse for the poor state of affairs that is June….

So to groundwork…..I must give myself credit for booking a trip to Brisbane in mid June ( 18th-20th)…a catch up two years in the making, with a wonderful friend and her ever growing family, marking what will be our 10 year frienship anniversary….more on that later

A lunch has been proposed for late June at a fabulous French restaurant in Rozelle, Sydney….and I have made plans for dinner catch ups and lunch dates with long-lost friends….a tennis match, a gym sessions, a yum cha venture…

Whilst Friday night may have been spent once more indoors, with said book in hand, and cat curled up on lap, and a glass of red… calls had been made, texts sent and invitations distributed to ensure ‘ Catch up with a Mate Month’ gathers momentum……

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