CUWAM….Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret?

Day 5 of blog writing and I am beginning to wonder am I alone in the pursuit of catching up with my friends….Do they really exist, or are they a product of my over active imagination? Hence the mid 1980’s Judy Blume novel reference….bloging can be lonely work, especially when you are writing about a month of socialising that , thus far, led to very little socialising!!

Yesterday was a day of phone tag, texts and the occasional real life conversation thrown in for good measure ( with my Brother and my Mum, so does not really count…sorry family, but I have not lost contact with you despite my efforts!!)

Catching up with a gym buddy for a Saturday afternoon Pilates session is always fun….but by yourself, you can bask in the individual attention provided by the instructor’ Are your glutes switched on?’…

Eating a pastery at ‘ The Sweet Spot’ Randwick after said gym session may offset gym efforts, but denying oneself a  sour cherry strudel with ricotta is almost criminal….whether in the company of friends, or with oneself, cake can be a girls best friend….

A catch up on Saturday night would have been nice, but then again, watching the Dutch version of ‘ Find my Family’ on SBS Two is also very satisfying….A meal out in Darlinghurst or Potts Point is always a sensory delight , but a home cooked meal of chorizo pasta, followed by Lindt chocolate for dessert hits the spot….

But tomorrow I poised to write an account of a catch up with a great mate on my blog….I am excited….it has taken 5 days to actually get out there on the town…but I am ready, and I hope that I can write an accurate account of the trails and tribulations of a friendship in the city of Sydney…..

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