CUWAM…..Touch Down

Entering to my own friendship arena last night for the first time since I established Catch Up with a Mate Month…..and it was perfect.

Whilst I should have spent the earlier part of  Sunday preparing for the evenings proceedings, I chose to go to Bondi Westfield ….. I was in need of X-Trainers, and I was persuaded by as sales man in a neck brace at ‘ The Athletes Foot’ to part with a ridiculous amount of cast for shoes made in Vietnam….

Along with the X-trainer purchase, I consumed a delightful cappuccino at Toby’s estate….I also wandered aimlessly in a fruit market and into yet another shoe store, were I feel in love with a pair of boots called the Paris Boot, and was sold the moment the sales women said ‘ They look like something Judy Garland would wear’…Yes, I thought, and I will have them….but they did not fit my feet….My feet are more Wollongong than Paris….and I left the store heartbroken….

I came home and took a brisk walk around Centennial Park….and then it was time…..

I boarded the 339 bus to the city. Our meeting spot was ‘ The Hollywood Hotel’ and I was early and it was CLOSED….I was thrown….. this is not how the night has been planned out in my head, I had checked the very remedial website of ‘ The Hollywood Hotel’ and was sure I had read that it was open on Sunday…never fear, across the road was the uber cool, over priced ‘ Longrain Bar and Restaurant’ …and the night was saved!!

Over wine and beer Sarah, Steph and I caught up…it was lovely and we all felt chuffed that 1) we had gained entry into an exclusive Sydney bar 2) that we were in each other’s company and 3) which came as a surprise to Sarah and Steph, they were at the Second Launch party of Catch up with a Mate, and this time friends were actually present!!!

From drinks to dinner, the ever wonderful ‘ Spice I am’….wow….a night of sensory delights, warm chilli, crisps pork belly and tart green mango….and friendship….that was what made the meal!!

It may have taken 5 days to actually converse with my mates in a social setting…but it was worth the wait….it was a night that will inspire me on my quest to reconnect with friends that have fallen by the wayside,  and help to invigorate my interactions with friends who are part of my day-to-day existence….

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