CUWAM…..Taking stock

This entry will be brief…Catching up with a mate and writing daily records of each event takes it toll….

The joy of the weekend quickly dissipated as I entered an office block in Darlington, Sydney on Monday…The realisation that yet another 5 day working week is ahead of me makes the task of light-hearted, imaginative and effervescent blog entries appear a near impossible task…

The reality of my Monday was to ensure that a collective group of young people caught up with mates they did not know they had….to help cement firm friendships amongst 350 students who previously had never met.

This was made easier by a $600.00 cake delivery that ensured that all involved in the catch up session where high on sugar and well hydrated by a $200.oo Coles water delivery.

It also helped that all the young people were gathering together for the final time before they embarked on an international exchange program, which would place them in study programs in over 30 countries world-wide. One could not help being caught up in the excitement of the afternoon, the anticipation of the unknown….the fear, the thrill of leaving behind all that is familiar and stepping into the unknown….

It was a physically draining, yet satisfying day, I left work with a smile, and headed to the gym, where I did a 25 minute tread mill exercise, just to ensure that I was indeed physically drained!!

The purchasing a 2 blocks of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate held restorative qualities, as did reheated chorizo pasta and a tv session of Australian Story and Channel 10’s ‘ Offspring’…..

Taking stock, of what has thus far been achieved and what is still to be accomplished….

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