CUWAM….beef pie, tennis and the humble meat tray

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Another day in the life of a young woman attempting to circumnavigate her own friendship circle in 30 days….

Whilst I might have strayed of the friendship course slightly by taking catching train to the City centre during my lunch break, my mission…..the acquisition of  the ‘ Paris’ shoe. Not only did I seize the last pair in my size, but the great stocktake sale had begun and I saved 30% on my leather ankle boots….I was able to do a side trip to the David Jones food court and purchase a sesame bagel before catching the 422 back to the office.

My smile that has disappeared under the weight of the administration tasks of the day was restored….And it remained well into the evening.

At 5.30pm, in arctic conditions, a tennis match got underway….a tennis threesome on the University of Sydney tennis courts. Under the glow of the night lights, three amateurs ( sorry Scott!) slogged it out, dressed in an alarming display of tennis fashion…and here only I am to blame, for I wore a pair of black legging, accompanied with bike pants over the top, a silver shirt covered in Cats and a green velour sweeter….hot stuff!!

After tennis followed a delightful meal, in a pub I can’t recall the name of….it was behind Broadway Shopping centre….For true sportsmen and sportswomen, after exercise one must eat a good fashioned home-made meat pie, mash and consume one, preferably two glasses or wine and or beer.

One must also partake in obligatory pub meat raffle, and heckle loudly when ticket numbers fail to be called out.

Photos were taken on camera that is not mine….they will be uploaded…of the day/ night that can be summarised as follows…beef pie, tennis, the humble meat tray ( ….and the paris boot!!)

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  1. Scott
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 10:44:08

    Here I am helping you out with your tennis abilities and you call me an amateur? RUDE.


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