CUWAM…’Pilates Wonderland’

To borrow a phrase from a friend, ‘ Pilates Wonderland’ summarises yesterday.

On what was a bitterly cold day, mood wise within the office block in Darlington and outdoors, as the midday temperature peaked at 10 degrees, there was little to smile about.

After 8 hours of mundane office proceedings, a bus transported me to an environment slightly more stimulating…World Square Supermarket, George Street, Sydney.

With little cash a meal of cauliflower, chickpeas and zucchini was decided for me ( well those items were on special) and I had just the right accompaniments ( chili, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, turmeric, salt, pepper and oil) to make it a memorable meal…It was a warming winter meal……

A phone call was received whilst in World Square, and I admit I was tempted to ignore it….it was my Pilates buddy, FT, on the line, locking in an evening gym session at Darlinghurst Fitness First, with the one and only CP ( Chris Pinder).

Despite possessing the enthusiasm of a pair of wet socks, I agreed to partake the exercise class and rushed home to cook dinner and dress in clothes suitable to do a gym class in sub-zero temperatures….

And yes it was worth it….as gym buddy and a Pilates class was a great way to end what could have been….just another day….and in true fairy tale blog writing, the day ended with a smile…..

And now for a song….I feel this blog needs to be more sensory…..A third of the way through, and a song to salute all who have made it special so far!

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