CUWAM…..After work drinks

Public transport is not glamourous….and journies made to work with stranger who stares at you, does’nt take a seat but chooses to hover over you whilst breathing heavily, is very off-putting at 8.47am in the morning….or anytime of day really!!

Friday, a joyous day for anyone who works in an office job, for looming ever so closely now is the wonderous things called the weekend, a time for relaxation, sleeping  in and erasing from ones mind what they have done for the last 5 days of their lives…Ahhhhh, and the weekend that was approaching was of the extra special variety…..the LONG WEEKEND…..I could smell and taste Friday 5pm as soon as I entered the office that morning…..

Although a lunch date had been postponed  at Cafe Guilla , Chippendale, I was comforted by the fact that is would occur the following week….Melle was sick, and I send out get well vibes via this blog…

So I set out on an impromptu stroll to Newtown with a colleague at lunch and was informed of some truly wonderous news, which made me grin from ear to ear….People can take you by surprise sometimes….

As the clocked neared 5pm, computers were shut down, emails deleted and desks tidied…..Friday drinks were proposed at the local and whilst some co-workers had other plans in place ( ‘Sorry I am going out with people I actually like’!!)….a humble group of 5 set forth to set up camp at the Rose Hotel, Chippendale. Over wine and beer, our group let off a bit of office steam before we embarked our long weekend….

One drink turned to four, a ‘Nachos Pizza’ ( probably something you would not opt to eat if you were sober) was consumed followed by a  wobbly walk with my friend, Kenneth ‘ Zenmaster’ Lowe to Central station…it was indeed home time….

Home and slightly intoxicated, happy in the knowledge that the weekend would be long, I guzzled two glasses of H2O and went to bed……

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