CUWAM….Lazy Sunday and the little red coat

Sunday Sunday…so good to me…..Too misquote the Mamas and the Papas…not cool…but that was my Sunday in nutshell….

An early morning baking session…why not…The weather was suitably crap….So I made apple, pear and cranberrie crumble and lemon better…Recipes handed down by my wonderful and adventurous ( in the kitchen anyway) Grandmother, Nanna Boyle. The house smelt delicious….sugar, lemon and wafts of cinnamon in the air…

Outside was grey and a little colour was added by a daily ritual of hot stepping it to my local cafe for a coffee….It was there that I discovered the silent barista, who with the nod of the head, signals that my coffee is ready, had a rather trendy girlfriend…the type that wear dark rimmed spectacles ( the variety that one never knows if they are for show or for correcting vision??)… A quick peck was exchanged over the coffee machine, and it was then that I realised the nod of the head was really just an indication that my coffee was ready, nothing more….And I don’t even fancy this guy….just hoped I was an object of his affections….Silly me!!

Slightly deflated I worked home…’ Oh well’….My mobile rang, and in an instant my weekend plans were in tattors…A trip to the south coast was postponed, and thus I would not see my best friend or my little God daughter Mae….What to do….SHOP!!

I headed to Eastgardens and spent what little money I had on a little red coat…I had seen in weeks before and told myself that Mae did not need such a garment….But as the weeks had passed, and I continued to think of the little red coat, if became clear that for the Winter of 2012, Mae would be wearing the outfit….I also purchased myself a denim mini skirt, and with the remaining change ( $2.15 cents) I went to Coles and brought a tin of red kidney beans and 1 onion…I would eat at home…..I had by that stage only $2.15 cents to my name….

A late lunch of baked potatoes and mexican beans was devoured…and I watched the entire series one of ‘ Black Books’….wishing that I was back in Russel Square, London, arm in arm with a Dylan Moran look-alike ( or the real thing…not fussy!!)

As night crept around, I started to feel sorry for myself, I wanted to be in the company of my BF and Mae…so I turned to my novel ‘ The Time travellers Wife’….it has been a trusty companion this month when catch ups have fallen through….

And off to bed…Sunday, Sunday, so good to me………

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