CUWAM…post long weekend blues…and how to deal with them

Yep, post long weekend blues, they hit hard and fast…..

But the only way to combat the slump is to keep catching up with mates….and who better to do that with than the effervescent  Ms Melle Stewart…what a gem….Over lunch at Cafe Guilla  in Chippendale we chatted for an entire hour….I only managed to sneak in a coffee…there was no time for food….The joy of time spent with Melle, a worthy way to spend a lunch hour

Wednesday night plans for Jelly Wresting had been shelved, and email correspondence confirmed that Aaron would be available for a Tuesday night movie….Need I recall any of the days data administration?…As a good friend always says ‘ It is not important’…so I will not drown my blog in tales of report writing and email babble…it just ain’t necessary.

So after-work plans were set in place… Aaron and I would met at Broadway Shopping centre and watch ‘ The Hangover Two’ at Hoyts Cinema complex…..Well, what a train wreck of a movie…Whilst I enjoyed eating a packet of chips, handfuls of popcorn and malteses….the laughs were few and far between….Rating 4/10….2 stars….

The bus ride home allowed my time to recap the day…all in all quiet succesful, considering both plans had been conceived and executed with minimal fuss and organisation….and both were truly enjoyable….10/10….5 stars…

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