CUWAM….A girls best friend can be Ice Cream

A very brutal day in the office….catching up with mates took the back seat as I caught up with unhappy parents, students and colleagues both in and outside the office…

What a stinker….There were tears….and the day seemed a lot longer than 8 hours of office admin…

But when S*?#T hits the fan, one either wallows in it or rises above.. I chose the latter…

A gym session with the ever trusty, ever faithful Fiona just was not going to cut it that evening….there was only one place worthy of indulging my sullen mood….and that was Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst.

Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst

At 7.23pm, I got in my Hyundai Getz ( no I am not being paid for product placement or endorsement) and drove to Darlinghurst….I felt very lucky to be able to make this journey…A girl from the South Coast making such cool lifestyle decisions on a windy Wednesday night…A dinner of deluxe ice cream from the inner city…I would let the bright lights of the Kings Cross Coca Cola sign guide me to that happy place that is Gelato Messina….If I had remained an Austinmer girl, I would be driving, possibly catching a Dions Bus to Franklins supermarket, Thirroul, to purchase some Blue Ribbon ice cream ( how very depressing!)

So to Gelato Messina, to a world of magical gelato flavours that would dance across my depressed taste buds and restore my smile….I stood and stared and the ice cream cabinet for 5 minutes, whilst eager customers made what I thought was rash decisions about ice cream flavours…but then I realised there was no such thing as a rash decision in this store…everything ended well.

So I left with a $10 tub of deluxe cream, a mini eski of supreme flavours..Pavlova, Tiramisuand the 1985 mix ( coconut, sour cherry jam and choc chips)…I drove home, ate nachos as a main meal, and then dived spoon first into my personalised tub of happiness….If I told you that Flora licked the bowl clean would that be wrong?

Yes, ice cream can be a girls best friend….

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