CUWAM…Lunch with the Zenmaster

It is hard to maintain ones sanity when they work within an office block.

A quick flick of my ‘ Memos from the  Rat Race ‘ Calender revealed the days predictions as ‘ A monkey could do my job – but why would he want to?’…so yes, another day another phone call from an irate parents, pressure from senior management to meet mile high targeRs. questions from students ( which were answered via email but not deemed ‘ sufficient’)…oh what to do….A long lunch….that was the answer

With my colleague and friend Kenny Lowe, dressed appropriately for a day at Sydney University is track suit pants and a sloppy joe ( sweater or jumper), we boarded the bus for the city…..destination: YUM CHA

The Marigold Yum Cha: Heaven in Dumpling Form

Over dumplings and pancakes, chinese brocoli and pork parcels…we ate like Kings and Queens….we slurped on tea and decorated the fine white table-cloth with an array of soy sauce, chilli dip and wonton crumbs….Pure indulgence, pure bliss….

And then back to the office….Safe in the knowledge that home time was just that little bit closer….

After phone calls to friends in both NSW and VictoriaI was feeling weary……Commiting to the task of arranging catch ups was taking its toll…so to the gym I went…Administration stress / and CUWAM stress was unleashed on the treadmill in Newtown…and I felt better for it…..

And then onto my humble home, my bedsit, Flora’s residence….and to bed, but not before a long and enjoyable conversation with one of my ‘ Besty’, the ever wonderful Jessica Gleeson, mother extraordinaire to Mae..A great way to end ‘ just another day’….

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