CUWAM….Operation Grey Family meets single white female

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The slide show inserted in this blog is in no particular order…it is a train crash collection of the time spent in the sunshine state..but I would not display them in any other way.

Similarly, it would be unfair not to recall the events of the weekend in order..but my memory is blurred and my head is sore (more on that later)…and if you dare to read on some might say my weekend was not fair…but I disagree ( or maybe that is the concussion talking!!)

The January Floods could not dampen this families love for life, despite loosing most of their valuable possessions, the important stuff remained…them….And the Greys were in fine form for our 18th to 19th of June catch up…

The collection from the Gold Coast Airport, some might ask ‘ Isn’t Brisbane 91 kms closer to Toowoomba, wouldn’t that be a better collection point?’ …not the Greys, ‘ What ever is cheaper Kate’…Poor Max ( aged 1 ) and Sophie ( 3.5 years) were included in this pilgrimage to collect me….Party Mix lollies and a’ My Little Pony’ DVD series entitled’ Woe is me’ ( that is what I was starting to think) kept the tears at bay whilst we headed inland.

Whilst a random memory, this must be shared:

As Lauren drove I took an incoming phone call…the conversation was as follows:

Scott to me ” Kate, can you ask Lauren if I can give this Toblerone to our neighbour?’

Kate to Lauren ‘ Lauren, can your husband give the Toblerone he found in the cupboard to your neighbour?’

Lauren to Kate ‘ That was a surprise for you Kate, tell Scott he is an idiot and that no he can’t give your chocolate away’

Kate to Scott ‘ Scott, that Toblerone was a surprise for me…Lauren said no you can’t give it away..She mentioned the word idiot”

Scott to Kate ‘ silence…………..Sorry’

And that pretty much summed up day one….The fun and surprises just never stopped, a coffee bowl and a chicken sandwich which seemed to include the entire bird was devoured for lunch, fun times in parks were adults went on rides and children stared in amazement that adults could indeed appear childlike, a movie date to see the movie Bridesmaids, a late evening rendezvous at the ‘ Angel Cafe’ for cake and coffee….returning home late evening to find Scott pickling himself on the couch with Whiskey and Port ( who can blame him) …against the backdrop of the Saturday night movie ‘ Kindergarten Cop’, Lauren and I told him what it was like to be out on a Saturday night, in adult land and tears whelled in Scott’s eyes……

To Sunday, a buffet breakfast that Mum extraordinaire Lauren had created… your heart out Nigella!! Pancakes, fresh fruit and an array of savoury items cooked in a space ship type device called the George Foreman something…I was impressed…and full before I actually started eating. After breakfast we were treated to Sophie’s spooky dance and the reenactment of a library scene were the kids read us books and the parents always seemed to be getting into trouble and being sent to the naughty corner….

A trip to the Japanese Gardens, for Toowoomba is the ‘ Garden City’….stunning garden made all that little bit more special our presence….A picnic in Queens Garden’s with a selection of pies from Big Dad’s Pies….and then quick trip home to collect my belongings for the pilgrimage back to the airport….What is that time already?..Afraid so…

But the fun was’nt over….30 minutes into the drop off journey, and despite the fact that a whole watermelon had been devoured….cries from the children echoed of the Toowoomba Ranges, they were hungry and bored….The adults in the front seat began to pray that a McDonalds would magically appear road side so the kids could be bribed with Macca’s cookies…..

We were saved by the Golden Arches, Scott parked the car and Lauren eyed off the entry to the restaurant…I had other plans…Looking after myself!! and asked Scott to flip to   I could retrieve my surprise, the ‘ Toblerone’ , I dived head first into the trunk but the did not surface with the golden bar….but gash to the forehead,blood seeping out of the wound…The boot has fallen on my head and I uttered expletives as Lauren put on yet another hat, this time of the Doctor variety and we headed into Mc Donalds, not for cookies, but a first aid kit….

When we finally left the car pack, we had filled out an incident report at Macca’s, and purchased 5packets of Smiths chips a packet of band aids, two bags of M&M’s from the nearby petrol station as McDonald’s had run out of cookies….

My mood had dipped slightly, but the smile returned as we crossed the NSW boarder for dinner at Seagulls Buffet ( It is pronounced Buffay not Buffet!!) I felt at home and was beyond laughing as Max, Sophie and Ashlea through ice cream bowls, spagetti and jellie  around the football oval sized eating arena….

Though I almost died, and cried tears of relief when I was surrended over to the Coolongatta YHA at 7.30pm, I knew a good night sleep was all I needed to be clear-headed about the events that had unfolded way to quickly on the weekend…I knew that when I awoke on Monday I would be backto my everyday existence, were the only cries I would hear would be from Flora, my needy, four-legged friend, that my meals would not be buffets but the meals of a single lady. that my excursions would be of the solitary nature, I would not have three ankle bitters in tow….

It was ever so hard to say goodbye to the Greys, but to be honest, I was beyond exhausted that I could barely remember my own name….’ Aunty Kate’ ‘ Boyle’ ‘ Kat’..I knew it was something like that….

But the thing about saying goodbye to good friends in that you have the memories of good times shared to last you to the next catch up….and with the Greys, you walk away with enough memories to last a life time….Thank you Lauren, Scott. Ashlea, Sophie and Max for good times, great memories, a touch of industrial deafness and concussion…love you guys xxxxx

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  1. Belinda Merry
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 12:45:44

    Wow Kate… What a fantastic blog!!! It just takes me back and is such the familiar story to me too. As usual a jam-packed Toowoomba adventure!!! They are certainly an amazing family, who give all their friends so much love laughs … And food!!
    Hope the head feels better. 🙂
    (AKA… Aunty B) lol


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