CUWAM….The Recovery Process

This song comes to mind as I attempt to rebuild my shattered sense of self, the person I was before I embarked on that ‘ joy flight’ to Queensland

The song assisting the recovery process

Monday morning was brutal, I awoke at 5.30am, had a shower in the disabled bathroom, dressed, gathered by belongings, my Toblerone and toothbrush and headed on foot to the Gold Coast Airport. Images of the Australian classic ‘ The Castle’ sprang to mind as I had booked my accommodation based on proximity to the airport….my hostel bed was ever so close to a run way….and that was just the way I liked it ‘ Ah, the serenity’

An early morning flight is a perfect way to start to working week, but this morning was made just that little bit more special by the acquisition of a blue head scarf from a $2.00 Shop at Central Station.

Armed with a coffee and a bagel, and the blue head scarf strategically attached to my forehead to hide my slow onset head injury ,I entered the office….ah, data entry….I do love thee….

The day was a blur, the only enjoyment coming from complimentary sandwiches, cake and water from a University function that has been over catered….

I stayed back at work to complete the immense task of recalling the weekend that was Toowoomba, it took me a whole hour to gather my thoughts, and photo collection…My head injury affecting my ability to recollect and collate my memories….or was it that I had repressed most of them??….I guess I will work this out later in a therapy session or two!!

A necessary shopping trip to  World Square on the way home, and arriving at my front door to the wails of little Flora, my angel, ever so eager to welcome me home.

Flora, to it seems, had a hard couple of days…An injured paw and bellie sores were presented to me whilst Flora dined on an entire pouch of Whikas Beef mince…My little angel was injured, and I believe it was a sympathy injury…She just wanted to me like me….

And to bed, where I struggled to stay awake through the final episodes of the comedy ‘ Come Fly with Me’, an airport environment I understood only to well my morning on the Gold Coast…..

And finally to sleep…and the recovery process could begin

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