CUWAM…Step by Step…Oh Baby!!

Recovery is a slow process, and to allow the healing process one must be open to change…so I went work with a band-aid on my head injury and minus a head scarf….Step by Step…

I felt the need to update my facebook status to ‘ I am over administrating’…but instead of announcing my disdain of data to the world, I buried myself in the mundane tasks of the 9 to 5 slog…

Whilst writing in retrospect it was fair say that Tuesday was quiet dull, I am sure I put it out there in email format, and the odd phone call that catch ups were still the focus of my June exisitence…I was making decisions with my buddy JK ( Jennifer Kline) about our impending Melbourne trip ( which will take place 1st of July…not part of catch up with a mate month…rather a continuation of the theme…it is hard to cram everything in!!) Car hire and accommodation is a luxury apartment in St Kilda, credit card swiping and giggles over fun times ahead…But that is about July…the focus here is June…

To conversation with my colleague and friend, Kenny, or the ‘ Zen Master’ as I prefer to call him, a man so over office administration that all student applications are received with intent to ‘ Reject All’, and emails are considered ‘ Deletable’ before reading…all paperwork to be filed in that special filing cabinet ie the bin or better still,burnt….Yes I had a coffee with Kenny at Cafe Ism in Newtown and we discussed our pipe dreams of a long lunch this coming Friday….

To the evening, a storm clouds filled the Sydney skyline, I rang my tennis buddy Scott, unenthused by the looming tennis match at 5.30pm….’ It looks like it will rain’ I wined to Mr Duncan, hoping he would say ‘ Ok, lets not play, why don’t you go home and eat a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate and some KFC’…But he didn’t and under a ominus sky we slogged it out, ball for ball, racket to racket…

Dinner took place at the one and only ‘ Bon Gusto’ Italian Restaurant in Darlington, where they bring you examples of the specials on plates, containing the said meal uncooked and covered in glad wrap….who could ask for more…Garlic Bread, a man-sized lasagna meal and an entrée Spag bowl were consumed…10 out of 10…Happiness restored.

I drove Scott to the train station and then headed for home….Once I entered my apartment / bed sit/ room I feed Florence and then in record time ( under 5 mins) was under the covers and ready for b.e.d….Tuesday you exhaust me!!

Step by Step…Oh baby!!

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  1. Mixed Gems
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 13:27:49

    LOL. You got Scott to *play* tennis?! Kudos to you!


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