CUWAM…..Mid week reflections

Arrived at work with fashionable head scarf…turned on computer and sighed…

Changed focus to impending lunch time catch up with my Aunt Elizabeth and cousin Liz….watched the clock tick tock its way to 12 noon and vacated my office seat, only to re-seated in the Law Building cafe’ Taste’ at the University of Sydney.

We  sat next to the window and toasted ourselves in the midday sun….splendid…Converstation trapezed across an array a family members, my brother, the family cat Alice, my new second cousin Benjamine ( my Aunts first and much treasured granddaughter who resides in Melbourne)….Liz and I had a whine about work, but kept that to a minimum as our lunch required our full attention!!

And back to the office, where I indulged in more sighing and more catch up planning…A car was booked for the July 1st Melbourne trip, a quote that was originally priced at $140.00 ended up being rounded up to$236.60 by the time I had proceeded to booking stage…what are credit cards for!!

A conversation with friend and colleague Kenny Lowe, the Zenmaster, about our pipe dreams that appear to becoming a reality about a Friday long lunch. The phone conversation was as follows:

Kenny to Kate ‘ Where do you want to go?

Kate, unenthused to Kenny ‘ I don’t care’

Kenny to Kate ‘ How about the beach’ ( please keep in mind that our office is inland…I loved that suggestion!!)

Kate to Kenny ‘ If I go to the beach I won’t want to come back, compromise, how about Darling Harbour/ King Street Wharf, there is water there’

Kenny to Kate ‘ Ok’

And then there was the failed attempt to secure Dylan Moran tickets at the ‘ Just for Laughs’ Comedy Gala at the Opera House in September, and I had even signed up for the Opera House pre-sale, which was being held before the ticketmaster pre-sale and the general sale…How could I fail…

And then it was time to go homw…had I really been caged in an office block for 8 hours? Apparently so!! I drove home, via the Royal Randwick shopping centre, were I gathered items for dinner…I would feast on roast vegetables….

Flora greeted me with her wails for food and we ate together, with the heater on and the Masterchef program in the background….

Yawn…it must be bedtime, and it must be Wednesday….half way through the working week…thank the good Lord for the small blessings…Amen

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