CUWAM…Dreams can come true

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It is irrelevant what took place before 12.15pm on Friday the 24th of June….you know, same old story…got to work ( which somewhat a different approach to the previous day..I admit it!!), logged onto a computer only to be faced with a barrage of emails that would take days, maybe even weeks to answer….

I look around my desk and smiled in the knowledge that in my absence from the office yesterday all my ‘problem’ students had surfaced, and my most level-headed colleague, the wonderful Hilary Camarda had dealt with them. Hilary exudes calm, and I knew that my ‘problem’ students ( and accompanying parents) would have walked away feeling that their worlds were once more in order…thank you Hilary….

An office morning tea, were I showcased my corn fritters only to realise that they were not entirely cooked through…oh well…In an attempt to redeem my self and presented a plate full of lemon butter tartlets…homage to my late Nan, Mary Boyle…cook extrodinaire….

And then it was 12.15….a time when dream really did come true…A long lunch…using time accrued during a month of administration madness, my friend and colleague Kenny, set of on the M30 bus to Circular Quay..The sun shone and we both smiled….A smiles turned to frowns when it was realised that the M30  bus did not go past Circular Quay, rather straight over the Harbour Bridge….In unision Kenny and I had the same thoughts…should we just stay on this bus and end up somewhere on the North Shore….The answer was no, and we got off the bus at Wynyard Train station and made the rest of the journey on foot….

From this point on I feel it would only be fair to let the pictures do the talking…the images are breath-taking and our delight evident on our faces….I will give a brief explanation of the seagull shots, I coined this Seagull the EYL seagull..EYL for those in the dark is a foundation started up by Kenny and I in June 2010,  the Enjoy Your Life foundation. It was clear after close observation that this seagull was the EYL seagull, why else would he appear so happy about his day-to-day existence and perch so close to EYL members…..rumour has it he was a close friend of our office’s pigeon courier ( the speed that our office delivers documents is ever so good!!) who took a promotion last year to chief fruit picker in regional NSW….

Ah yes, pipe dreams of long lunch can come true…

The rest of the day….not important, just more data entry and I worked till 6pm to make up for the additional hour spent basking in the sunshine…a truelly great day!!

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