CUWAM…the one day silent retreat

Whilst it may go against the grain on CUWAM month, Thursday was put aside as a day of silence…

I awoke with an over whelming sense that the office did not need me, and that me bed would be a far better place to reside on this cold winters day….A headache and a blocked nose ( well a sniffle anyway) was all the ammunition I needed to call my boss and announce my departure from the office ( for the day at least)

And back to bed…under the covers, Flora snuggled up close……free to indulge in some much needed rest and relaxation, herbal tea and Vegemite toast ( expect I was out of bread and only had red wine on the shelf)

I tried my luck with the Ticketmaster pre-sale of the Dylan Moran comedy show and came out in front, 2 A-Reserve tickets in the stalls, row P for the 1st of September…my credit card was a bit worse for wear but I can deal with that in July or August…the cost of the tickets will not dampen the CUWAM spirit!!

And then of to the Doctor,  or therapist,  code word ‘special friend’,  a person who has made me see life through a clear lens, for whom I an eternally grateful for the advise, guidance and recommendations….Though it costs me dearly…it is worth everything cent…I came away from the session feeling again sure of the path I am treading and all the more sure that I will book that 5 week holiday to Europe and America…first stop Paris…it just has to be done!!

Returning home, I once again pulled back the sheets and drifted off into ‘ La La Land’…I awoke some hours later to find that I could still follow the day time soap ‘ Days of our Lives’ though not having the pleasure of viewing this soft film lensed trash for 8 years…Oh Hope and Bow….it really is true love isn’t it.?!….

Feeling decidedly worse from my afternoon nap, I drank a can of Coke Cola, and got into my car and drove to Clovelly Beach…for a look…I did not get out of the car…I just stared at the ocean and was thankful for the beauty that is the sea…And then onto the video shop, for when one is unwell, DVD’s must be watched…I hired out ‘ Black Books’ series two and the comedy ‘ The Sweetest Thing’

To further bore you with the one day silent retreats itinerary, I then went grocery shopping, buying the ingredients to make corn fritters for the Friday office morning tea…I watched 3 episodes of ‘Black Books’, ignored all incoming mobile phone calls ( sorry those that called…but it was a day of silence) and retired to bed, a place I had scarcely left that day….

A day of restoration, a day of silence, a quaility Flora ignored but that is ok….after all, she is a cat…

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  1. Suzanne
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 10:32:27

    Ms Boyle, I too have needed some silent time and have been hiding away in my cave for a couple of weeks. They haven’t been solidly silent but when I could be quiet I was and it was lushious. I completely understand the attraction.
    I really love reading your blog Missy. Keep it coming.


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