CUWAM…A Parisian approach to Saturday

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It is a glorious feeling, waking up to a day that is entirely schedule free, or if it does contain a schedule, one that you have personally devised to bring up maximum contentment….And that is how I awoke on Saturday….to a schedule that would bring much joy.

I ate a small breakfast, a petit portion of toast…then went to the gym for a workout. It was the first time I had ventured into the exercise arena since returning from Toowoomba ( where I am certain that bowls of coffee and buffet breakfasts/ lunches and dinners are not the everyday persons dietary requirements!) And boy did I feel it…those additional kgs made it a punishing session on the treadmill…..I lasted 19 minutes, 27 seconds…

A coffee straight after my ‘ work out’ got things back on track, and I got in my car and headed west…to the Inner West….To Rozelle were I would catch up with some great mates for a lavish lunch at the French restaurant ‘ Le Grande Bouffe’….

But it is important to documents the roll call of attendees before I seat you at the table….Yes that morning there had been a spectacular fall out of lunch guests…

 Jess and Mae, from the South Coast had fallen ill and were unable to attend the 12.30 lunch date

Sarah Love, former flatmate, was still battling the winter flu and despite confirming her seat at the table on Friday night, was a no-show for Saturday lunch

My former boss, Kirk Doyle, had shown facebook commitment to the date, but in reality had double booked, and was watching a tennis match instead….

To put it mildly, it looked as though catching up with mates would involve a table for one…But then the phone call…Steph Lee, in true Lee fashion, was running late, but was committed to the idea of French fine dining…

And fine dine we did…Served by a waiter whose French accent was so thick it was hard to tell what indeed the specials were, Steph and I decided on Twice cooked Lamb and Pork Belly respectively….Once we have devoured that course we set off on foot to another French cafe, C’est Bon, were we had coffee and cake…Picture perfect way to spend a Saturday…Thank you Steph!!

The afternoon was spent with my former flatmate Sarah, and in true French style, I got to play with the newest resident of the house, Ollie, the miniature Maltese puppy( I wanted him to be a poodle merely for the sake of this blog)

 I arrived home from the West at about 5pm, and was slowly working myself up to vacate my apartment for a few drinks at the Clovelly Hotel with some friends from down South who had journeyed to the big smoke for a night out…Alas, another cancellation occured….4 in one day, kind of rough….But that is the risk you take with putting it out there, organising events, plans change, pubs undergo renovations, people get sick, the sun does not always shine….

But in true French style, I did not let it bother me, life is too short to lose yourself in the trivialities each day…So I opened a bottle of red and toasted my fabulous day ( that is actually a lie, I just went to bed, but that sounds rather boring and not very Parisian Chic at all….)

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