CUWAM….A street party in a bowling club and cuddles with Mae

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Sunday, Sunday ,Sunday….Tomorrow will be Monday, Monday, Monday…So aim was to make the most of the day!!

A sleep in, early morning gym session and then short stroll to my local cafe, Parc, on Clovelly Road for the mid morning kick start….And then behind the wheel, and beginning the journey south for a street party farewell being held, not in a street, but a bowling club.

My good friend Colleen, mother of two, friend to many, after 25 years residing in Asquith Street, Austinmer, was selling up and moving to the far South Coast,  to Calalla Bay to be prescise…I have found memories of Calalla Bay as a child, and family holidays spent in a fibro shack on a large block of land that was directly opposite the bay…the sand and surf seeped inside our small cottage, we transported it there in our swimmers and beach towels…

A favourite memory of Calalla was being barely 5, and reminding my parents that it was my brother’s birthday, he would be turning 2 and there were no gifts, no cake and not even the faint suggestion of celebration in the air…And then the mad dash to Nowra Fair Shopping Centre to buy what ever gift would suffice…..from memory a Fisher Price Helicopter was purchased…I don’t think my brother had any idea what the commotion was all about…

Well Colleen was moving to Calalla and her children, friends and neighbours had gathered at Thirroul Bowling club to farewell the great lady….Colleen will be sadly missed, the street not the same…but Calalla should be advised that they are inheriting one of Austinmer’s finest, and her new four bedroom home, ensures that many of those who celebrated with her yesterday will be eager pay her a visit!!

And then onto Berkeley ( or Bezerkely as my friend Jess prefers to refer to her home town) to hand over the little red coat to its rightful owner, Mae Patricia Bremner…what a cutie pie! The coat could not be going to a more deserving owner, for someone who is that beautiful deserves beautiful things….Cuddles with Mae and an afternoon of fine delights…Chicken Twisites, Peanut M & M’s and Coca Cola….Devine….A couple of cheese  Twisties would compliment such a spread, but it would be inappropriate to be critical of the shortcoming of the hosts!!..Thank you Jess, Wade and Mae for your company…it cannot be beaten and I love spending time with you.

And homeward bound…..a quick dinner snack and a quick status update on facebook declaring to the world that my hope to awake tomorrow to a day not called Monday….One can only live in hope, without hope you have nothing!!

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