CUWAM….Loosing the will to blog

Them some would say…give up, you’re said what you wanted to say…call it a day…the month is nearly over….

But I knew that I was just suffering from a bad case of Monday-itis…a condition that is only treatable by long lunches, coffee breaks and lots of good office conversation ie sledging, whining and salacious weekend gossip.

So that is how I approached the morning….Sure I updated an excel spreadsheet and answered a few emails but I made sure that my morning was balanced…With my boss returning from a 5 week overseas trip, the customary duty-free chocolate nibbles took care of that…my mid morning I could barely see my computer screen through all the lolly wrappers!!

I was learning life lessons on Monday morning at work…that is it wrong to assume in any given situation…I thought I had got a grasp on that old chesnut….But no, and things of high importance ie my impending trip to Melbourne was viewed in a more uncertain light….no accommodaiton, no transport…but my attitude, poorly though it was, was ‘ Who cares!’

To lunch, a shared Chicken Schnitzel lunch at Essen, Broadway, with a fallen work comrade and fellow office inmates….If Chicken Schnitzel can’t solve your problems, nothing else can…well, 3 plates of cabbage salad may solve certain problems….

And back, ever so briefly, to office admin, more work on excel spread sheet, numerous hits to facebook and the site and it was just about home time…well gym time…

The day, apart from Schnitzel had been rather ghastly, too many student enquiries, I had almost done a Jane Fonda aerobic workout the number of time I had been called to the customer service counter to partake in yet another Q & A session….but I felt that my workout needed more structure…so to Newtown Gym for 20 mins on a treadmill, 4 mins on a bike…and from there to the supermarket…to buy…one capsicum….

And home sweet home, a chicken soup dinner ( with out capsicum…that will feature in tomorrows meals!!) a quick phone call to a mate to line up $3 taco night at the Norfolk in Surry Hills ( excitement!!) and retiring to bed to watch a DVD, ‘ The Sweetest Thing’ starring Christina Applegate, Selma Blair and Cameron Diaz…outrageous movie…all I could think whilst watching the film was that two out of the 3 main stars were now Mothers….are Mothers meant to act like that.?…my new attitude gets the better of me…’Who cares!!’

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  1. Mixed Gems
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 12:27:09

    Glad I didn’t have to spend my birthday in the office! BTW, love your writing. Keep it up! – Veronica


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