CUWAM….Not happy with your current prospects ? Book an international holiday!!

Not happy with your current prospects? Book one of theses!!

Yep, I am back for more..

Fingers to the keyboard, recalling the day that was Tuesday…another day spent with the company of an excel spreadsheet and student applicaitons….this time though, without a lunch break….Don’t know what I was thinking….Not taking a lunch break is not conducive to life OR blog writing as you can’t say that you spend 8 hours of your day in front of a computer screen….How does one make that a readable entry?

Spend $3300 on an international airfare might we one way to add a bit of spice to the entry….I had had a flight on hold for some time, though I have not doubt the seats had long since faded into the airfare Bermuda triangle, I contacted my wonderful friend Kate Scott, who quickly constructed an airfare to suit my taste and budget….First stop Paris, followed by Copenhagen, NYC, London and home via Singapore…what a way to spend a day…Constructing a dream itinerary which a travel agent, who kept asking me….’ Can I do anything else for you?’

Seriously, if you need a travel agent,Ms Kate Scott is the agent for you…

Kate Scott…the wonder Travel Agent

So yes, that was how I got through Nine- Five, whilst simultaneously keeping on top of my day job ( I guess Lunch was sacrificed in order to get the job done!!)

I also managed to book tickets to a play coming up in July, which stars my friend, Ms Melle Stewart ( who featured earlier in blog) If you want to see a true craftmanship, you must see Melle on stage…The show is on in July at the NIDA playhouse…get in quick to get tix…

Melle’s new play…Tick, Tick, Boom

So much day time fun, surely something had to go wrong in the evening…well a dinner planned at the Norfolk Hotel, Surry Hills with a Lee, of the Brendan Lee variery, was…cancelled….But back on the wagon and homeward bound on the 339 bus to Clovelly….And back home to Florence and a glass of red that has been poured on Sunday night and was due to be finished.

A quick chat to Ms Jenny Kline about upcoming Melbourne adventure, with the click of a few buttons and the swipe of a credit card, accommodation booked….Followed by another , with the glorious Suzanne Alders, a coffee date arranged for tomorrow evening….

A quick meal whipped up and a bit of tv watching…Winners and Losers ( in black and white as the tv reception was poorly)….It must be bed time….I was starting to feel more like a loser straining to see the screen!!

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