CUWAM……In summation

In looking back on the Month that was June I hope to move forward…to the months to come, to the friendship to be enjoyed and the catch up still to happen….

The last day of CUWAM month was kept catch up free, I was open to suggestions, and whilst I was expected to turn up to work for my day job, the rest of the day was left to run in course…

There were no was no end of CUWAM party celebration drinks or awards night….It was a normal day, spent doing, some might say, abnormal things….data entry, speadsheet maintenance, and student consultations.

Lunch was a bit special, a spontaneous meal with my work mate and friend, Elena, and a vegetarian buffet in Newtown…filling our plates sky-high with meat free goodness, we ate with chops sticks, drank from Coles water bottles and generally looked very pleased about the situation!

Leaving work at 5pm, I headed home….to spend time with one of my most treasured friends Flora the cat. I walked into my apartment to find that she had been sick on the floor…spew was my welcome home present that evening….Thank you my love!

After cleaning up the mess and attending to Florence, we sat down for a good chat ( cat style)….We pondered over the gift of friendship, the trials and tribulations of being a women whilst watching youtube videos of Lady Gaga and Aretha Franklin.

In preparation for my Melbourne trip, I then headed out for supplies at the Royal Randwick Shopping centre, ran a few errands like getting some petrol to ensure I actually made it to the shops and back and dropped of two overdue DVD’s.

And home, to a dinner of cheese on toast and a glass of red wine…

CUWAM month has taught me that it is important to make the time to catch up with those near and dear, to put in the effort to maintain the gift of frienship….but it cannot be forced, and if you find yourself expending too much energy, it just ain’t worth it.

So to the future, and one of the true joys of CUWAM has been the flow on effect, my social calender has never looked so healthy….and so the desire to keep blogging about catch ups is strong…and god willing, I will do it!!

And whilst June is over and I have another 11 months till the next official CUWAM month is upon me…till then I guess I will just being writing about CU ( catch ups)…

So to future catch up and whatever they may hold…Que Sera Sera

p.s I never did finish the novel I was carrying around with me as my CUWAM comfort blanket, ‘ The Time travellers Wife’…I guess my life just became more exciting than that of a man with faulty 24 hours body clock!! Yay for me!!

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