CUWAM…Who’s that girl?

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I moved to the beat of an imaginary tune on Wednesday. I awoke at  7.30am, presented myself at my local cafe for the usual cappuccino, boarded the bus city bound, got off the bus on Crown Street, Surry Hills, and decided on a whim to go to the Bourke Street Bakery for breakfast….

Tune I would have been humming along to had not relied on an imaginary tune

Ever so please with myself, I ordered only items displayed at eye level…a cherry and sour cream brioche and macadamia and honey sticky bun….the blog entry should really stop here…for it can’t get much better mid week…but alarmingly it did!!

Bourke Street Bakery…Do yourself a favour and treat yourself once in a while

Well, between the hours of 9am-5pm, things were quiet subdued… just the usual office admin scenario’s, data entry, student complaints, student concerns, student ponderings…..a staff birthday thrown in for good measure, a lunch of zucchini and pasta eaten at desk…and fingers back to the  keyboard, looking up from the desk to find was closer to  4.57pm than first realised and therefore….time to go home…

Or for some lucky people, time to meet up with mates…I boarded a cityrail train bound for Wynyard station..instead I chose to get off at Town Hall station and walk amongst the masses down George Street…Just to get that CBD feel!! I was pushed and shoved to my destination, Max Brenner…were I was meeting up with a favourite friend, Ms Suzanne Alders, a pioneer of the great escape movement from the Flight Centre Direct LTD company circa 2004….

Over hug mugs of hot chocolate, Suz and I reminisced about all that was ‘ Rancid’ and all that was ‘ SEN..sational’ about out high-flying career in a call centre…We laughed till we cried ( had the wounds of our sales career ever really healed….who can say…Maybe we should ask the Captain?!)

We the joy of a catch up with the Suz, the last being May 2010, is that you can pick up the friendship was from were we last left it….and carry it forward to the present moment…and beyond…There will be more catch ups with Suz, and our partner in crime, Lisa Farrer…that is a CUWAM promise…

A brief stop at Coles to get some dinner tips from Curtis, then happy goodbyes and back on the 339 bus home…

Dinner was the humble rice cake with tuna and corn ( not so sure about that one Curtis) in front of the tv program, Offspring, rather entertaining….but it had nothing on the evenings catch up.

Cuddles with Flora…sinking into sleep…CUWAM last day tomorrow….I can’t bear to close the chapter on such a wonderful month of friendship…..

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  1. Suzanne
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 11:21:29

    TOUCHE!! *grin* So great to see you Missy! Can’t believe we left it so long – no matter – next month will be the great Florentine Reveal for you and Halifax!! Woohee! Until then, stay cool SistaWoman xo


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