CUWAM- Post Tramatic Stress disorder ( a self diagnosis)

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The week the blogging every day ended….and I felt lost…was my sense of self entirely due to blog entries that had eventuated in June 2011? A mere 30 days of knowing who I was…. When I had walked this earth for nearly 32 years??….Battling such intense feeling the urge to blog has never been stronger…

The first week of July was one in which I was no longer documenting every friendly encounter, every hand shake, every conversation ( real or imagined)…I felt both a sense of relief and emptiness as each day came to an end, knowing that I would not reflect in the same way I had in June about each 24 cycle of friendship….

Whilst I am not a fan of self diagnosis, by Tuesday evening,  concerned by thoughts that since I was no longer blogging, I was no longer a true reflection of the person I thought I was…I ventured onto medical journals found on search engine ‘ google’….

My internet search first took me to a site ‘ I BLOG THEREFORE I AM’….and my feelings of despair turned to terror…was I no longer a valid person??…Relying on the intense sense of dread to fuel my desire for knowledge, I conducted another internet search, and stumbled upon a medical journal detailing the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder…and though I scanned quickly over the contents of the page, my body started to relax, as did my contorted face, cramped legs and hunched shoulders……for I indeed was suffering from PTSD..induced by blogging withdrawals ( self diagnosis and prehaps a world first!!)

And I guess this diagnosis helped me to reconcile with the week that was….A week of many challenges…..My shattered sense of self had to reconcile itself with the huge amount of office data entry that threatened to enveloped me during the hours of 9am-5pm.

To cope I developed OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) type symptoms of listening to three songs on YouYube on high rotation….and for your listening pleasure I present them to you now:

Arcade Fire- We used to wait

The Naked and famous All of this

The Naked and famous Young Blood

Arcade Fire, a band that will forever torment…In early 2008 I received a call from a friend asking if I would like to see this band at the Enmore Theatre in Enmore, Sydney….At the time I was musically challenged ( some might say I have always been) and I asked ‘ Are they like Enrique Iglesias or Westlife?’….That remark was not received well and my friends response was ‘ You don’t deserve to be invited’…I pleaded that I did, I just had not heard of them, ‘ Educate me at the concert’ I whimpered…but it was too late, my friend left me stranded on the Top 40 highway of musical taste….and I have been there ever since….However, due to the wonderful movie ‘ Where the Wild Things Are’, released late 2009, I have since become accustomed to Arcade Fire, a fan even, and listen to their music now with a sense of sadness at what was, I have been told, a great show of true musicianship at the Enmore 2008…

The other two songs are my New Zealand band ‘ The Naked and Famous’….I feel like these tunes belong to the younger generation, that I am not supposed to enjoy such youthful music, that I should stick with the bands of my youth, ‘ Sound Garden’, ‘ Tool’ and ‘ Savage Garden’….but the early 1990’s did not provide me with enough escapist music, enough joyful pop…And so I listen to bands such as ‘ The Naked and Famous’ ….There I said it…I blame the early 1990’s for a lot….

Apart from data and three pop songs…the week also involved trips to RPA hospital to visit a friend who was experiencing the difficulties associated with pregnancy and the insane lengths the female body will go to to accommodate new life….truelly amazing…

There was a mid-week lunch date at Cafe Guila, Chippendale with my mate Fernanda, and dinner and drinks in Newtown on Friday night with work mates…

Saturday was a self-imposed day of rest…I did not get out of bed till 1.30pm in the afternoon…stella effort I say!! I was ever so proud of myself…for there was nothing more I felt like doing than sleeping in and staying warm inside my bed whilst the wind roared through the trees outside.

The evening was fabulous…dinner in Darlinghurst at Chianti Restaurant with birthday girl Alex Muir….dressed in killer heals and a cocktail dress, the young lady looked every bit the party girl!! Wonderful Italian meal, completed by a tiramisu birthday cake with hazelnut praline…but sadly there was something missing from the evening celebrations…So to the Victoria Rooms, Darlinghurst, where the evening would be completed by the purchase of the infamous $80.00 flaming watermelon cocktail

Hold onto you hats as I describe this concoction…half a frozen watermelon, with three separate goblet size wholes cut out of the fruits flesh…filled with an insane amount of alcohol…and then set on fire….It is what every birthday girl must have at a party…It really propelled all those still in party mode to a new level of inebriation!!

From the Victoria Room to Oporto’s ( naturally) for burgers and chips!! and then a cab ride home, where I was told my the cabbie that is was too early to be calling it a night ( it was 2am) and that I should still be partying, preferably with a watermelon cocktail!!

Sunday ( it came around just a little to fast )  and the morning spent in Leichhardt at Cafe Bones, with the lovely Steph and Anna Lee….Oh and Carlos Lee( Steph’s little man of the four-legged variety) Though slightly hung over it was the perfect way to be propelled into Sunday morning culture Sydney style….Coffee and toast with around 100 canines, all yelping and frolicking in the parkland, off leash and therefore happy…..Whilst dog owners slurped cappuccino’s, dog slurped on puppacino’s…..Cafe Bones…a sight one has to see to believe….

And Sunday afternoon, a time for reflection…taking stock of the week that was, and the week to come…Coming to terms the fact that I will blog only once a week till June, 2012….and the fact that the humble watermelon was to blame for the slow onset headache would be my companion for the rest of the day….

The links to Life: 1st-9th of July

The Victoria Rooms….and the flaming watermelon cocktail for six people!!

Cafe Bones…a place one has to see to believe

Chianti…the review that will mkae you book a seat at this restaurants table….

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  1. Mixed Gems
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 14:53:02

    Keep blogging, Kate! You’re a good story-teller. Way to stay in touch with your shenanigans when I’m no longer bossing you round in the office. 😉


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