CUWAM- Baby you can drive my car

Another week ends, and time for self reflection…A rather painful task when on reflection you realise that not much was achieved over the last 7 days..a couple of hissy fits, endless emailing, strong coffees and a stale sandwich or two for good measure!

The highlight of the week that was the 11-17th of July was driving my Hyundai Getz too and from work…Oh the luxury of removing oneself from the daily grind that is the Sydney public transport system…Sitting next to commuters who look just as upset as you that the majority of the day will be spent in a sterile, white-walled office block, illuminated by fluorescent lighting, with a group of people they would struggle to hold a conversation with in ‘ real life’…oh the plight of the modern-day office worker….This was all avoided by driving to work, singing along to David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowlands ‘ When Love Takes over’, cruising at a leisurely pace, and eventually finding a park on Vine Street, Darlington…casually strolling to Cafe Ella for a large cappuchino….and then begrudgingly heading off in the vague direction of work.

I completed the same ritual of driving, vehicle karaoke and coffee slurping from Monday to Friday…..And as a result, My days in the office speed by from 9am-1pm and the coffee at Ella affected me on many levels…for a start I am convinced each coffee is injected with three shots of caffeine, far more than I am used too…So mornings speed by, conversations with colleagues and students sprung from my mouth faster than my brain could actually formulate words were invented such as ‘Ha-stounding’ ( a word uttered when trying to describe something as astounding??!!)…It was both awkward and fun at the same time…

And each day at approximately 1pm I would collapse, the caffeine would wear off and I would search for anything that could give me a little buzz…Alcholic hand sanitizer, glucose riddled jelly beans, tim tams….These were indeed tough times…I turned to Youtube and data entry to counter balance my sudden mood shifts and apologised to work mates who had to deal with my ever erratic outbursts!

The week that was, Kenny Lowe, the Zen master, returned to the office after an 11 month sabbatical at the Sydney Business School. I was happy to see him back in our team, as he brought with him an endearing attitude that is so welcome in any modern workplace….’ It doesn’t matter’….

There was a picnic in Victoria Park with the glorious April Morley, and the exchange of half a packet of Arnotts Mint Slices for a bag of home-grown lemons….A tennis match with work mates and an evening meal at the Royal Hotel Darlington…a $9 steak meal and a glass of house red….perfect way to end a work day….Gym sessions at Fitness First followed by nightly grazing sessions on the previous weeks Wollworths special…the humble Tim Tam.

A mid-week highlight was a very special meal at ‘ The Nourishing Quarter’ with the divine Fernanda and Ms JK. Though JK and I still were suffering from a bit of post traumatic Melbourne stress, the pesticide and chemical free, organic and entirely vegan meal, restored our fragmented sense of self….Pure heaven…as was the comment of the ‘ Nourishing Quarter’s head chef as we paid the bill, ‘ Only models and athletes have been eating here!’…’ Say that again’ I begged…Ah the Nourishing Quater….a definite place for both inner and outer replinsihment…Get oneself to this Surry Hills hot spot asap…

And then onto NIDA ( National Institute of Dramatic Arts) were Ms Melle Stewart ( wife of Phantom Ben Lewis) was performing in the play Tick Tick Boom…Melle, the consummate performer, was wonderful…A real treat to see live, her voice, amazing,….JK, Fernanda and I sat mesmerised by this women that yes, we had all done data entry with!!

A quick Friday lunch catch up with a couple still basking in wedded bliss, Bec and Mike Trimmer. A 12 noon lunch time catch up in Newtown, we reminisced about their February Wedding and the joy surrounded that day, their decision to leave Sydney and set up house in Adelaide with staffy Cooper and cat Meeko…Love you guys.

And now I have blogged myself up to the weekend, Saturday, an early morning drive down South, and I launched an early morning visit on friends Phillippa and Gordon. With present in hand to present to their daughter Phoebe, who had just turned one, we all marvelled at Phoebe’s attempt to walk and new habit of hugging her toys. At Gordon’s request I stayed to watch the side-show that is Phoebe attempts at feeding herself breakfast…A wonderous sight!! Phoebe shovelled mushy weetbix and sultanas in the general direction of her tiny mouth, then moved onto juicing mandarins segments with her two front teeth and discarding the fruits flesh on the floor…Unsure if I needed any further entertainment after the feeding session, I decided to continue along my set path and, after happy goodbyes, I headed to Shellharbour.

D’Luxe Hairdressing Salon for a two hour make over with my friend Jess in tow…..Whilst I was thrilled with my new and colour, Jess took some convincing to embrace her new purple highlights, complete with red tips ( just joking..Jess perfect red ringlets remained intact, just graced with a warm brown rinse)

D’Luxe Hairdressing salon is run by my brother’s girlfriend Tennelle and her sister Sharna….It is a magical place, where hair dreams can come true….thank you for taking on my no frills approach to hair colours and cutting and introducing me to the GHD, hair tinting and foils…amazing!!

Hairdresser’s Extraordinaire…the lovely girls at D’Luxe Hair and Beauty, Shellharbour

And to lunch by the sea in Shellharbour with Jess and our friend Rebecca Wearne ( formally Crowe), conversation about love and life, trials and tribulations, a takeaway piece of pineapple cheesecake and then cuddles with Mae in the suburb of Flinders.

Sunday, a day of rest, a sleep in and then a catch up with a friend who has been part of my life since I was a mere 8 years old, Ms Rhonda Pietrini ( welcome to my blog)…Rhonda and I meet when we were thrown together at the Anglican Youth Group for girls, GFS ( Girls Friendly Society…enough said) Years of therapy have helped this good Catholic girls come to terms with the devils work that was GFS, but out of the rubble, Rhonda and my friendship remains…..And I love her dearly…A great friend, and I will thank the god of any religion fo her in my life!

Coffee and cake with Rhonda, followed by a short stroll to Fox studio markets, Moore Park. Meandering around, stopping my the petting zoo ( and secretly wishing Rhonda’s 1-year-old, Harry was with us so that I could justify cooing over the lamb’s and rabbits)

An aside, I spotted the silent barista at Fox Studio’s, with his be-speckled girlfriend, who happens to be…his wife!! The silent barista does not wear his wedding ring to work, but in the midday sun, his wedding band shone …and I merely smiled. He had a coffee in his hand, and I wondered…’ Who would make a coffee good enough for you’…I was left with that thought for sometime….

And with Flora on my lap, my little portable hot water bottle, I look with a fresh eye to the week ahead, bring it on I say, Que Sera Sera….

Vehicle Karaoke song of choice…..

The Nourishing Quater, Surry Hills…restore your inner Zen….

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  1. Mixed Gems
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 01:11:08

    Always thought Ella’s coffee was topped up with “something” extra. Make your arvo go faster with a lunchtime Ella’s!


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