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The week that was the 18th-24th of July….and Sydney was a scene similar to late of the most expensive film made in the mid 1990’s by Kevin Costner…Waterworld….a box office flop of mass proportions, a soggy excuse for entertainment, a real stinker….

Yes it was the week that it rained and rained and rained….night became day, day became night….and as people still had to work despite Armageddon style weather, Sydney siders adopted new modes of transport to get to and from work….the humble canoe, jet ski and row-boat sat side by side on the city roads full of soggy buses, foggy cars and the odd scooter, delivering the disgruntled to work.

Not me though…I continued to drive to work….spared the morning drudgery of public transport, I had another week of guaranteed car parking before University started back in Sydney….A park could always be found of Vine Street, Darlington and coffee was readily available at Cafe Ella…Life was good.

My vehicle karaoke cd of choice was by this stage Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 fame. A name I never thought would grace the page of my blog, a musician I never thought I would appreciate and I guarantee that the mere mention of his name will raise the blood pressure of my readers…I have indeed become a fan of the man’s music.

Rob Thomas has a wife, and while that is nothing too astounding, many men have wives, Rob’s wife lives with the autoimmune disease Lupus. I too live with an autoimmune disease, and while I have been given a diagnosis, I guess the best way to describe such illness’  are that they launch periodical attacks on healthy part of your body, your body attacks itself, mini wars that you are responsible for winning ( with the help of some hard-core medication!!)

So Rob Thomas’s lyrics, particularly from song number one on his 2009 album ‘ Cradle Song’ ‘ Her Diamonds’, I relate too….For it is a song were he expresses frustration due to his inability to make things better for his lover when the illness takes hold…I guess really there is nothing he can do but just be present, available for her….I can understand his frustration…I have seen it in my family and friends when they lose me each time I get sick….

A lovely song by Rob Thomas…although I am sure many will disagree!!

But presently I am well, fighting fit, happy with the direction my life is taking….If you listen to track six ‘ Welcome to the real world’ I guess that best paints the picture of my current outlook…’ Hey yeah, Welcome to the real world, no body told you it was going to be hard’…Life is hard, I am well aware of that….but despite this….I look toward the future in anticipation…

I live in the ‘real world’…and don’t I know it….Rob Thomas yet again

Enough preaching, this is a blog about catching up with mates….Well, I can honestly say that during the working week,Monday to Friday, I did none of that….It was Orientation week for 500 students from all round the globe and they consumed all the energy I would normally place into socailising…To counterbalance this imbalance, I made it my aim to go to the gym every night after work, as no lunch break and too many questions about how to get to Bondi Beach took it toll and the treadmill was the only place that could restore my equilibrium….

I also resorted to junk food, boxes of Arnotts Shapes, fun size chocolate bars, donuts, hot chips and lots of lollies to alleviate any student administration discomport…By Friday 5pm I wascertain I had gained an additional 5 kgs..a small price to pay for my sanity!!

There was a mid-week dinner date with the parental in Enmore at the divine ‘ Sultan’s Table’…..A turkish feast fit for kings…we dined on squeres of lamb and a dip plate that looked more like an painters colour palete…and array of flavours that transported us from blistering wind and rain of inner city Sydney to the heat and warm of Istanbul…Topping the night of with a slice of baklava, Mum and Dad dropped my to my car and gave me gifts of kitty litter, a curtain and some digestive biscuits (!!??)

And so the week continued on, car trips to the office, Rob Thomas anthems, coffee from Ella and solid 9am-5pm days with no break…The outlook was gloomy, litterally…..Our office block had begun to flood and large fans were brought in to dry out the soggy carpet…As the air began to take on the stench of moldy socks, the office block thought it best to throw workers another curve ball….Lets have a fire alarm of Friday….So with gale force wind whipping rain drops in all directions, we were forced out of flooded workplace because apparently it was on FIRE….It was too much for me to cope with….one could laugh or cry and they stood shivering in the open paddock behind our workplace, getting drenched by the afternoon down pour….And I chose the latter as, unfortunately,Alanis Morrisette ‘ Isn’t it Ironic’ whirled around in my head….

Lets put an end to the working week…It is OVAH….

Saturday, the rain eased and Flora has two friends over….the lovely Ms Kate C and Ms Elena A ( with baby bump)…Flora was showered with much love and gifts….Kate C brought the gift of cat grass, and as the photos show, it was, as the KFC Kernal say, finger licking good! While Flora munched on grass, Kate, Elena and I ventured up to my favourite local cafe and had brunch at Parc Cafe…..Yum!! Breakfast pies, chai lattes, coffee and brioche…Followed by tea and my house and conversation about religion, the end of the world and cake.

Saturday night…Girls night out with ever gorgeous Kate Scott, Steph Lee and her friend Liz. Location, Gazebo, Elizabeth Bay, a funky bar/restaurant were it is best not to think about price of drinks and meal, rather focus on the experience alone….As that is why we were there…Well I was any way!!

Cocktails that looked like works of art, floral arrangements and installation pieces from Galleries,were consumed, followed by nibbles and mains of steak and chips and chilli grab pasta. A bottle of red and deserts of rocky road, dessert wine and warm chocolate brownie with fairy floss…Heaven.

While Gazebo was loud, and we dined whilst listening to 80’s music, and from memory, Tina Turner’s ‘ We don’t need another hero’, often we felt like we were eating in lovely meal in night club, but a fancy night club at that, with no dance floor, but with such great music, it was not uncommon to see those seated engage in shoulder dancing whilst humming along to the funky tunes…We whitnessed to odd PDA ( public display of affection) whilst scoffing our meals down, adding to the disco style atmosphere…I will be back….

And Sunday, like an old friend, crept around….I have only left th house once…To get a coffee and the paper, which really wasn’t necessary as my friend Jess called my at 11am and told me that Amy Winehouse is dead and that Cadel Evans won the Tour De France…may as well call it a day I guess..

What do I want from the week ahead….a few more catch ups would be nice…a few days without rain would be welcomed…and another cocktail or two of Gazebo standards is a must….

Links to to the week that was:

Sultan”s Table, Enmore, Sydney

Parc Cafe, Clovelly Road…where you will come face to face with the Silent Barista!!

Gazebo, Elizabeth Bay…perfect place for girls night out

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