CUWAM……Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…It’s off to work we go…..

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Is it cheating to start writing a summary of the week before the week even officially ends? Am I counting the eggs before they hatch? Am I assuming people are actually reading or tuning in to this blog? Is Saturday the new Sunday? Oh the questions that haunt the mind of those in their early 30’s…..

Writing the start of this CUWAM week summary on Saturday and from 3pm this afternoon, I have 5 catch ups planned, which will this prevent the usual lazy Sunday summary of the week that was….It would be cheating to summarise events with friends that have not actually happened, and that will not be tolerated on this page…but I can honestly report on the last 5.5 days…and basically they sucked….

Work….Work….Work….Long hours of non stop administration, student pastoral care, presentations, consultations, mediations, I was the 7-11 of the of student exchange this week….And I am glad that it is all over… For it was the week I reverted to behaviour last seen during my teenage years, so many moons ago, when I was prone to eat breakfast, many meals in my bedroom, and place the dirty dishes under my bed….And my parents would be forced to open my bedroom door, the smell of rotting food no longer able to be ignored ( not me….the smell of my dirtywashing repulsed me more, but in typical teenage fashion, I tolerated it!!)

And this week in the office, that unpleasant teenage behaviour reared its ugly head, for I ate at my desk every work day, the meal of choice was soup, whatever could be heated and eaten quickly….And by Friday 5.10pm I was faced with the task of washing up 5 bowls, 1 plate, 5 spoons and one vegetable peeler….I congratulate myself for washing up my eclectic mix of kitchen items, for had I been 15 years of age, those items would not have hit the detergent till they were no longer visually recognisable as eating apparatus!!

Heigh Ho…..For those under time pressure, fast foward to about 1minute 15 secs to get the Heigh Ho effect!!

Ah, the joys of intense spurts of office work…But with it the sense of satisfaction that comes for a job well done, the hug from a student genuinely happy to be in Sydney for a year-long exchange, the phone calls and emails of thanks for the effort it took to get a student through the French administration process…the change in confidence level of the shy 2nd year engineering student who spent a year in London at one of the worlds best Universities ( and the weight gain from a year of English student food and pints!!)

The meeting with the academic from Bristol, her excitement at being in Australia for the first time, mixed with the intense sadness that only months earlier, her husband has passed away…Over a coffee and a stroll, we talked about University administration and the important things, love, life and personal happiness….

After work beers, one gym session, quiet evenings indoors with Flora, my little princess with the crystal kitty litter ( gift from parentals last week….actually a big hit in the toiletries department)

Midweek anxiety at the loss of the weekly tv ‘ Offpring’ from free to air tv, what to do with my Wednesday nights now? Get a life….No way….Tune in earlier to the box and watch Dr Chris on Bondi Vet….The most angular jawed and sensitive male on tv are ask? A man able to be reduced to tears when a python snake looks like he won’t make it through surgery…The kind of man we need more of…..

Which brings me to mid-week anxiety of another type…My friend Suzanne barrage of texts, detailing a local Hornsby’s cats attempts to take up residence with this wonder woman. Suz was clear to point out via text that this was indeed a real animal, not imaginary, and it was quote ‘ reaching out to her’ and as a result ‘ heart-strings were being pulled’….Suz wanted Flora, my feline’s opinion on what it is like involved in ‘ cat smuggling’…as Flora came to be under dubious circumstances ( more on that later, after Flora and I have relocated to Dubai) While Flora is yet to response ( such a slow letter writer) and have emailed Dr Chris, and I am expecting advice that will induce tears….

And that was Monday to Friday…..Saturday, I was treated to a visit from Steph and her canine children Chelsea and Carlos….A stroll around Centennial Park in the blissful winter sun, coffee and catch ups, photos and territorial markings…a lovely way to welcome the start of the weekend.

And I know write in retrospect for all that was Saturday afternoon and Sunday….An epic catch up with mates session in numerous South Coast suburbs…Dinner with Jess, Wade and Mae in Berkeley ( Bezerkeley) for a fantastic roast and the all important accompaniments Malteses, Smith Chicken Chips and Coca Cola…..Then an evening on the couch watching Australia’s Next Top something with Megan Gale…I think Jess and I amazed even ourselves at how critical we both became…the bitchy comments took to the air as we mouthed off about all things ‘ fashion’…..

Sunday morning, cuddles with the South Coasts most splendid baby, Mae Bremner…..a breakfast date at the Lee and Me, with Jess and Rebecca Wearne ( aka Crowe)….followed by another cafe  catch up at Fontana cafe, when the pressure from Sunday diners became too much and we gave up our current table and relocated three doors down…..

A baby shower  and catch up with friends past and present…..Ms Leonie glowed, and I was reacquainted with girls I had last seen out during the Wollongong club scene days ( was there EVER a scene I ask)….Catch ups 10 years in the making, quite a lot to discuss whilst we basked in the afternoon sun and commented in unison at how good Leonie looked….Not long to go till the bub arrives….

Feeling the pressure to continue on the path of friendship, I made a pit stop at Helensburgh Bi-Lo, so that I would not arrive empty-handed at the home of Andrew and Alison, H-burgh’s finest residents, home maker renovator extraordinaires, and soon to be family of three…Exciting times!! Over homus, crackers and cups of tea we caught up on the past couple of months and laughed, sighed and lamented and the trails and tribulations of life in general….I sighed the loudest as I had run out gas….My commitment to an evening meal with A and A had waivered…and I desired to be home with Flora, on my coach / bed, and giving my self a chance to recharge ever so briefly before I propelled myself into the Monday to Friday abyss of data entry….

So I hit the highway in my Hyundai Getz, tears welled in my eyes as I left behind the wafts of a meal of Lamb shanks and roast vegetables…..for I knew were I was heading….Home to Flora and a meal of reheated cauliflower and rice….and beyond that was work………..Heigh Ho Heigh Ho………..

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  1. Suzanne
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 06:26:51

    Bwahahahaaa! Love it.


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