CUWAM….Counting down the days….

Couting down the Days…Till summer, till my holiday, till I can put the data aside for 5 weeks!!

The Ship Song Project….A wonderful collection of musicans and stunning array of images of Sydney

I am tired…it is Sunday night and I am faced with the task of recapping the week that was…Well, what was this week? Three coffees and 4 caramel-choc biscuits later and I am no clearer on how to describe my last 168 hours on planet earth….

CUWAM is a weekly summary of events, thought processes, feelings, conversations, experiences with those that I cherish in my life…..So by focusing on this I hope to summon the strength to recall the events that consumed me from the 30th July-5th of August….but it is late, the MasterChef 2011 Grandfinal is shortly to be announced , and whilst I care little about the outcome, if I stay awake a little longer, I may summon the strength the clean up the kitty litter crystals Flora has used to garnish the hallway floor….No, I need to call it a day….I might set my alarm early, arise and feel inspired to sprew forth inspired snippets of daily life….but more than likely, I will hit the snooze button on my alarm, forgo breakfast, shower and arrive at the bus stop with wet hair, a comb and just enough coin to by a coffee…..which will propel me to the land of the living…to a world of anguish as I take a good look at myself, soggy hair, crumpled clothes…but a smiling face….coffee is so damned good.

The week that was….A blur of office insansity….meetings that seemed to stretch for days, student consultations about inability to cope with the demands of quantum physics and biomedical macro biology ( I just struggled to say the course titles) , staffing woes and cleaning rosters, morning tea festivities and the endless stream of email correspondance…The demands of office lifestyle took it toll on my weakened sense of self….The data was getting me down….I was drowning in a sea of paperwork, of student files and academic transcripts….How to keep afloat, to sail the sea of administration whilst pertaining to a strict regime of 1 coffee per day and no alcohol?

My savior this week was a song….’ The Shipping Project’ , commissioned by the Sydney Opera House, a damn fine array of musicians paying tribute to a song written by Mr Nick Cave….I am a fan of Nick’s work, but not a die-hard fan, more a fair-weather fan…And in true OCD style, I listened to this song on high rotation for many hours…..I fell in love with Mr Daniel Johns tcontribution, for whatever Mr Johns does, I find myself swooning and using the word ‘ genius’ in sentences….And from this musical materpiece I turned to another album,  Ms Natalie Imbruglia’s album and I  hummed along to the beat of ‘ Counting down the Days’…

The week that was included a movie date with the lovely Melissa at the Dendy Cinema, Newtown…the film ‘ Beginners’,….. a tribute to love, love  that binds families, partners, and pets….Love….Over red wine, Clinkers and Smith Plain Chips, the message came through loud and clear, and Mel even got a phone call from a boy who clearly lovers her!! Yay for love in all its forms….

Beginner’s….a love story for everyone

A gym session to take out administration frustrations, followed by a meal of BBQ chicken and chips, a shopping trip to Pitt Street Mall, Sydney CBD to by two denim dress that on sale from $120 to $39 each…nothing like a bargain, after work drinks with work mates at the Duck Inn ( formerly the Duck and Swan), over beverages and overpriced bowls of chips…..

And it is here that I must digress…I have entered my office block in Darlington, turned on my work computer,determined to finish what I started last night….and over and over in my head revolves the Natalie Imbruglia tune ‘ Counting Down the Days’…for indeed I am….counting down the days to my European / American vacation, counting down the days till summer when I can swim at Clovelly and swan around in shorts, singlet tops and Haviana thongs, counting down the days till the summer sun shines for 15 hours a day, counting down the days to when I can start my morning with a plate of summer fruit,mangoes, peaches and nectarines….

The weekend, however, was kind to me….I slept in on Saturday and fed Flora a late breakfast. I collected a coffee from Parc cafe and then strolled up Clovelly Road, and took a side trip on my way to the dry cleaners to the St John Vianney’s Opp Shop…What a treasure trove, from which I emerged 30 minutes later with two tops, a cake tin, a jar of homemade marmalade and the DVD ‘ Gettin Square’…all for the grand total sum of $8.50…..

Homeward bound with all my goods, I sunned myself in my hammock and then had an afternoon nap….Awaking to find a text message invitation to dinner in Balmain with my buddy JK. I hopped in my car, excited about spending the evening in one of my favourite parts of Sydney. Jenny had recently moved and it was my first time seeing her new pad….what a stunner!! Sweeping views of Sydney Harbour, 3/4 views of the Harbour Bridge…..My heart ached and I left that evening….I did not want to return to my bedsit….But ferry rides in summer to Balmain Wharf, swimmers in tow, bound for JK’s luxury apartment complete with swimming pool….Summer, please come soon….I am ‘ Counting down the days’

Sunday, more sleep, followed by a babysitting escapade in Belfield, in the Western suburbs of Sydney….looking after the delightful Amelie and Cate….An afternoon of craft, dancing, reading stories, hoola hoops and lego….I had forgotten how much entertainment can be packed into a 4 hour time slot….

And then to the gym, a forced workout, followed by a home cooked tv dinner with Flora….And my mind flashed back to the speeding camera which I believe ignited the following evening when I mistakenly went through a red light, in a left hand turning lane only…..Oh dear…..The light was green to go straight (which was the direction Itook)….Ouch, by brain hurt at the very stupidity of it…and now I am counting down the days till the fine arrives in the post…..Couting down the days indeed

p.s I am shocked at how apt Ms Imbruglia’s film clip is…Was this filmed at my place of work??…I recognise the photo copy machine and the instant coffee!!

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