CUWAM…..Jingle Bells, Swing Dancing and the Chinese Andre Rieu

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The eclectic title of this weeks entry reflects the week that was….It was eventful in every sense of the word, full of ups and downs, side twists and turns, somersaults and the occasional handstand….The week that was did involve the general Monday to Friday office procedures…but blah, blah, blah….that does not make for an interesting read….Listed below are things that actually made my week memorable….the people, the catch up and yes, the strong cups of coffee, the wine and the chicken crimpies…

Monday was the RSPCA cupcake day…In homage to my feline friend Flora, cupcake making had consumed me on Sunday evening…Chocolate cupcakes with paw print decorations, Coconut cupcakes with lemon butter icing…Having recruited my work mates Elena and Amanda to assist with cake creating we put on a colourful cupcake spread at 10am in our office block… Monday 10.07am and most cupcakes had been devoured, and I set about counting up to donations…I was pleased to find that the office had raised in excess of $102.75 cents for the humble cat, dog, rodent and or fish that would take respite in RSPCA shelters around Australia….money well invested, a very worthy cause.

At 4pm it was necessary to take myself to a human style shelter that would ensure my continued health and well being…a lovely rheumatologist on Macquarie Street, Sydney….It would not have done the journey justice if I did not pick up a cappuccino from the Lindt chocolate café located nearby, and with coffee in hand, I attend my annual health check up….for which I got 10 out of 10…in the pink of health.

Tuesday….a tennis match with the trim and terrific Mr Scott Duncan…It had been a while since we had sparred on the green grass of the University of Sydney tennis courts….but the passing of time had not diminished our desire to smash tennis balls at one another….After a good hour, we ascended on the Royal Hotel, Darlington for a steak and a beer…..

Wednesday….free movie tickets to see the Irish Hit comedy ‘ The Guard’ at the art deco cinema, the Randwick Ritz….It was there that I met up with my old neighbour, Mel, who was going through hard times on the relationship front…so over a wine we both came to the conclusion that the man who had stolen her heart for the past 3 months was a looser….and on that note we entered the cinema….We emerged 2 hours later, after laughing heartedly at Sergeant Boyle and his exemplary police work…A late dinner at Arthur’s Pizza at the Spot, Randwick, we continued to discuss Mel’s ex, referring to him as a looser amongst other things

Thursday, a delightful Yum Cha luncheon at Epic Yum Cha, Broadway with my colleagues Donna and Kenny…over prawn and chives dumplings, Chinese broccoli and chicken and corn parcels, we talked about the important aspects of our 9-5 office jobs ie our impending holidays and Kenny and Donna’s long service leave in 2012.…The evening was relatively quiet, after work browsing for the Time Out guide to New York City, and then coming home for a tv dinner with Flora.

Friday, farewells lunch for my colleague Hilary, who is about the have her 3rd baby, a Lebanese feast for one, and cupcakes for many….Hugs and kisses, happy goodbyes….

Friday evening drinks and the Clare Hotel, Broadway with Kenny and Jude….followed by what every person with a few wines under their belt craves…dumplings… where else but the Chinese Noodle House, Haymarket…where we not only feasted on dumplings, spring pancakes and handmade noodles, we were serenaded with music by the Chinese Andre Rieu….with a repertoire that included jingle bells, happy birthday and when a request was made for Vivaldi’s Four Season, Mozart was player….In a suit and white sneakers, the Chinese Andre Reiu was the perfect accompaniment to dumplings…And as if that was not enough food, we finished to evening at BBQ King for a feast of roast duck, pork and congee…

Saturday…I did not get out of bed till the afternoon ( I was still digesting the 7 hour dinner I had consumed the night before!!), a coffee, a stroll to my favourite opp shop on Clovelly road to purchase a cooking dish to cook a killer apple, cranberry and pear crumble…Mission accomplished along with the purchase of a $1 singlet…. Home to cook and then off for dinner in Coogee at my friends, Malcolm and Rhonda’s house….For a delightful meal, good conversation and classic ABC tv drama ‘ Marshlands’

Sunday, up early and on a bus, train and shuttle bus to the Fifties Fair, held in Wahroonga at the Ross Steiner House, a heritage home…Super!! I meet Phillippa, Gordon and cuter as a button Phoebe on the ground of the house, and we glanced around at the fifties glamour that was on sale….I could not stop taking photos of the people, the clothes, the general get up that adorned the people…I was in jeans and a sweater…Shame on me!! It was a true sight to behold. Setting up on the lawn, we people watched whilst eating vegemite and jam sandwiches ….What an amazing way to spend Sunday…

Whilst Phillippa and Gordon were regular visitors to this Fair, as a newbie, I will be joining the procession to next years event…It was an event that transported me back in time…( to a time I was not even born…does not make sense but you get what I mean) And home, to my apartment, back to Flora and to a home cooked meal as I attempt to save pennies for my impending European / American vacation…If I only I could be transported to Paris tomorrow…only two more weeks of office work to go before that becomes my reality!!

The week in Links

The Guard…Irish Comedy at its very best

BBQ King…Roast Duck being their speciality

Chinese Noodle House…Home of the dumpling and Chinese Andre Rieu

Rose Seidler House, Wahroonga….The 1950’s was ever so cool!!

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