CUWAM Thank you for reading…..Danke Schoen

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I start this weeks message with a simple thank you for reading……Danke Schoen

The countdown is on…In less than two weeks catch up with a mate month will go global….But I will find myself alone in my first destination…Paris….the city of love…But whilst is the city of love, I think my first love will be sleep….For the lead up to any oversees holiday, when working full-time, is always a tad stressful, the organisation, the expectations, the sorting out, the packing, the catch ups to say goodbye ( it only 5 weeks)…Yep, Paris here I come…number one aim in the city…catch up on some much-needed R & R ( and then the focus can shift….to pastries, park life and modern art)

My other destinations will see me take in Copenhagen, NYC and the seaside towns of Devon and Cornwell in the Uk, the city of Bristol and the fabulous London….it would be an understatement to say that I am excited….

But the week that was…the catch ups that where….the 9-5 grind that took its toll…Yep another week has passed me by, and I was lucky as many catch up adorned each day…

I struggle to recall Monday…It was a day of administration stress and frustration….which resulting in me locking in a Tuesday drink with friend Scott Duncan…..There was no gym action, the was a home cooked meal as I dined solo in front of the tellie….and lost myself in Nine’s Farmer Wants a Wife….A definite low light of the week.

On Tuesday, still suffering from the ill effects of a testing Monday, I put out the call that the only fans of my blog are my parents…and therefore insulted many of my readers!! And for that I am sorry…However, views to the blog hit a mid-week high and I am tempted to indulge weekly in online pleads for attention…I also talked to a colleague at work, Ricardo, about a desire to take my bloging to the next step…help will be provided in late October / early November…stay tuned.

And after work drinks at the Clare Hotel, Ultimo, Sydney with Scott…And a glass of wine was never sold so cheaply….When it came time to focus in on drink number two, I asked for half a glass of red…The bar tender charged me $3 and then gave me a glass more generous in content that drink one?? The Clare Hotel…I love thee….Dinner followed, at Satang Thai on Quay Street, Haymarket….reminded of my days as a high-flying travel agent ( actually I never left the ground!!), for the beef basil and chilli was a dish I consumed on a regular basis back then, the humble restaurant being my local….Ah, good things never change….Satang Thai Thai street food remains the same…and Scott and I were left content and satisfied after out meals.

On Tuesday I also tried something new…I went to the gym at lunch time….between the hours of noon and 1pm…I pumped iron ( well I used the treadmill) at Newtown Fitness First…impressed by my midday commitment to exercise…I declared that I would pack my gym gear for a similar work out session on Wednesday.

Wednesday….a day of commitment to my work…the start of information session to my students who are to embark on an exchange to countries ranging from France, Germany, Austria, UK, Switzerland…I was proud of my work and presented relevant and factual information to my student cohort…I was also proud to announce my annual leave to my students… ‘See you later guys, will be back in the country mid October’ There was no lunch break, high hopes of a midday gym session were sidelined…but come 5pm…I was gym bound…Newtown Fitness First here I come….

My Thursday was devoted to the humble nachos dish…It was all I could think about….I had heard someone the night before of the bus home mumble the word nachos to her friend on the phone ( or was her friend’s name Marcus / was she talking about the circus??)…who can say…But after presenting to the UK student group, I hit King Street Newtown for some Guzman and Gomez Mexican action…Taking my lunch to Camperdown Memorial Park, I had a photo shoot with my lunch, basked in the sun…and felt genuinely happy to be alive

Friday…an office morning tea, a late lunch and an afternoon tea of cupcakes, home-made baked beans and Tim Tams ( a combination I would later regret) …It was Friday…but it was a day that pressed many administration buttons…as the seemly endless task of preparing for a 5 week vacation was taking its toll…I was beginning to doubt my ability to make it through the next 2 weeks with my sanity intact…

Nothing a shuttle bus, train ride, and harbour ferry journey can’t fix though…Once I left the office I regained my sense of equilibrium…And I took a lucky dip approach to public transport to purchase my Dad’s 61st birthday present…Arriving at Balmain wharf…I walked to a fabulous little bottle shop and found a bottle of Shiraz from the Heathcote region in Victoria ( preciously what my Father had asked for) I then headed in the direction of home….two bus rides later I was united with Flora, another TV dinner and then to B.E.D.

I baked a chocolate slice early Saturday morning…then drove to Bondi for brunch and a catch up with the lovely Mrs Rebecca Wearne ( formally Crowe)…Crowe is still glowing with post wedding bliss, and rightly so, she married a lovely farmer from NZ…Crowe’s Danny could give a lesson or two to the so-called men on Farmer Wants a Wife season whatever number they are up to!!

Over coffees, avocado salsa and crispy prosciutto, Crowe and I chatted about my impending holiday, her fabulous husband and the general coolness of everything that is the Sydney suburb of Bondi….Leaving café Deli Bottega behind, totally satisfied and ready to face the afternoon, Crowe and I parted….

The afternoon was spent rummaging in Bronte St Vincent De Paul Opp shop…and I can out with some bargains…Two books, a silk scarf and a dress….Which was put on for the evening festivities….An all in one birthday celebration for my Mum and Dad, and me as well…Though my special day isn’t till September…I will be gallivanting around the globe….My Mum’s b’day not till October…But what the heck…It was time to celebrate…

Over goat curry, BBQ lamb, 9 lentil curry and copious pappadums…Mum, Dad, Michael, beautiful Tennelle and myself celebrated at the Nepalese Kitchen, Crown Street, Surry Hills….It was to be my Dad’s birthday the following day, and we continued into the night with desserts of rose-water, pistachio and fig ice cream….As if that was not enough…we continued across the road to Gnome Cafe ( formally Coffee Tea or Me) for coffee made with love ( especially for my brother Michael…his coffee came complete with love heart…Barista love??)

Sunday…I caught up with Elena and her friend Astrid, who will cat sit whilst I globe trot. After providing Astrid with the details needed to live the life of an Eastern Surburbs princess ( complete with cat), a quick drive around the burbs, we were all exhausted and needed refueling… Parc Cafe hit the spot, coffees and a late breakfast ensured that smiles returned….

Determined to completely annihilate myself before I hop on that 747 to Paris next week, after bidding adieu to Elena and cat sitter Astrid, I headed via car to Epping…to catch up with my remarkable Grandparents, still alive and very much together…married for what seems 1000 years, completing each others sentences and pieces of cake….We chatted away over tea and coffee…smiled, laughed and genuinely enjoyed each other company….

And now I am home, the week / the weekend has come to an end…and once again I find myself in the kitchen….cooking myself a dinner of roast vegetables, having earlier felt the need to eat ½ a pack of Smiths Cheese and Onion chips and gulp down a can of coke ( serious, hung over after three wines…is that what being 33 entails….not looking forward to that ‘ special’ day in September)

Thank you for reading…Danke Schoen

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