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Life in the lead up to a 5 week vacation encompasses many states of being, excited, stressed, anxious, hopeful, eager, cautious, uptight, over whelmed…It is fair to say that for the last 7 days I have been all of these states and more…..I am on the home stretch to getting on the plane and saying goodbye to the life I know for a 5 week period….Pure bliss plus a tinge of trepidation envelop me when I think about this….

At present I am sitting on a city rail bus to Gosford….one might ask WHY and yes, that thought has being whirling around in my brain for the last 43 minutes…but there is track work, no trains and I am on my way to a surprise party in Kincumber. But at the moment I am ever so please with myself….For a sit on a bus with my laptop and new Crumpler Lap top carry bag…thus is my devotion to blogging….Reading on buses and trains is so yesterday…Oh do I feel COOL…I am a mobile blogger….I am conscious of the task at hand and aware that in about 72 hours I will be airborne…and one must recall the week that was before I am propelled into a world of Parisian happiness and Danish good time….

There was an office cook off, a team building exercise designed to break down office barriers and get staff working with people they otherwise would have little to do with…..But give a group of randoms a knife and a chopping board, a couple of tomatoes and a bunch of mint and watch the conversation flow…We cooked Mediterranean roast vegetable….Devine….

It was the week that saw the arrival of my dear friend Leonie Morphett MacDonald’s baby girl, Emily, the week I got to hold three week old Caleb Jacques and have a lunch date with my adorable god daughter Mae.

Time spent with friends at McDonalds, ‘feasting’ on a $25 family box, complete with conversation starters…’ Who would you invite to dinner and Why?…I answered ‘ No one if the food is going to be this bad’….Who is your Hero and Why?…No one answered this one, for our will to live had been dulled by all the additives, calories and genetically modified food stuffs….

Movies were watched…’Horrible Bosses’…A laugh a minute comedy that I felt followed the Hangover formula a little to closely….Whilst it was funny, outrageous and clever, with a great cast and performances…The Hangover set the bar very high ( but then lowered it with the Hangover Two)…What more can be said?

The theme of the week was comedy as laughing has always been a friend of mine….Who better to induce tears of happiness that Dylan Moran of Black Books fame….At the worlds greatest concert hall, the Sydney Opera House,Mr Moran had us all in the palm of his hand…Just were he wanted us all…….True to form, he whinged and whined his way through his stellar routine….from topics ranging from family to the middle age paunch he now sports….having packed on the pounds since his days in the Russel Square bookshop….But there is just more to love…And I left the Opera house, thinking rather inappropriate things about Dylan..

There was a picnic in Victoria Park with Kenny, Veronica and Sheridan, a Yum Cha date with parents to be Alison and Andrew in China town, Dumplings with Elena and cups of tea with Steph and her new boyfriend Alex….Catch up for soup and coffee with my wonderful god father, Greg Smith. Over a bowl of chicken and corn soup we vowed to assist each others journey into the realm of the bloggers world…A journey I look forward to sharing….

A very special evening in Leichhardt at Bar Italia for pasta and gelato…A celebration that I had gotten through a week of deadlines and pre holiday administration hell….With those who could still stand after a week of epic proportions, we then headed across the road to the Royal Hotel, for Karaoke….

The Royal Hotel holds a very special place in my heart…Having lived in this inner west Sydney suburb for 3 years, many nights were spent at the Royal, reconstructing my sense of self through song…. Mixing with the business elite, out patients from the Rozelle Mental Hospital who have fallen through the public health system cracks, and the true blue local Leichhardt legends…The Royal Karaoke on Friday and Saturdays is pure bliss, a treat to be part of whether as a participant or humble onlooker….

My friend and colleague Kenny took to the stage early and graced us with a rendition of ‘ My heart will go on’ by Celine Dion….And Kenny’s song seemed to go on and on….Enough already…

Hair appointments and beauty touch ups at D’Luxe hair and beauty, Shellharbour, the girls able to transform my mane into something the is NYC ready….Oh how I do love this place, for invites you to relax from the moment you enter the salon, to when you prepare to leave…the pampering, the coffees, and teas, the massage chair and the encouragement to experiment with a beauty look that is your own…

And a weekend celebration about all things special to me: family. Celebrating my Aunt Robyn’s 70th birthday, our eclectic extended family ascended on a Cockle Bay House, Kincumber….for a surprise celebration of everything that best represents my Aunty: love, family and food cooked with passion and care.

It was a great Saturday night celebration…A team effort in regards to the dinner meal, bbq garlic prawns, pork belly with pear and apple cider vinegar, roast beef and grave, potatoes, asparagus wrapped in proscuito…a dessert of chocolate mousse with Persian fairy floss, birthday cake, a cheese platter, mixed lollies….champagne toasts to good health, happiness and most importantly Robyn.

The wine flowed well passed midnight….but tiredness got the better of me and a retired to bed after gazing in the direction of the foxtel midnight movie ‘ Final Destination 3’…the film told me my destination to be was B.E.D

An all in family breakfast followed the next day, fruit platters, coffee, pancakes and maple syrup….Hugs and Kisses…Bus ride from Gosford to the city….A afternoon nap and then late lunch at the Clovelly burger joint, Out of the Blue ( which I hope will feature strongly in my blog over summer…for you cannot beat their burgers)

And I have written myself to the present….and I sit , with little Flora on my lap, getting in one of her last lap hugs for an extended period of time….I will miss my little ball of black fluff…But travel to me is like good chocolate, good coffee, good conversation…It sustains me…Without it, I would cease to the immense joy and wonder that I see in the everyday…. To travel, to CUWAM going global…hope you can join me for the ride on a big jet plane

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  1. Mixed Gems
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 23:08:52

    Love the big jet plane song. You have a WONDERFUL time on your trip, ya hear! That’s an order that I hope will come all too easy to follow! And may your adventure bring lots of exciting and invigorating and relaxing and refreshing moments. I cant wait to read and see more from Global CUWAM. Xo


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