CUWAM- Words, Music and a roll call of thanks

The musical soundtrack swirls round and round in my head…I have been listening to these tunes on high rotation for the last 72 hours for they are capable of transporting me back to the fabulous locations of my Europe / UK and USA adventure…..and today, as I am desk bound….back at work…these tunes act as a life support!!

The effects of jet lag prehaps, coupled with obsessive compulsive tendencies ( and some would argue questionable taste in music!!) the tunes below will always be special to me…for they are powerful reminders of catch up with friends, old and new, is far from home places, the summer sun, indulgent meals, the wine, the cider , and for better or worse….long haul plane rides….

Leona Lewis : Collide

The songs of summer…..Listening to Leona Lewis whilst road tripping with Steve and Andrew along roads that hugged the Cornish coast line…a song that will always transport me back to this magical part of the world…the rolling green country side, the glistening aqua blue ocean…what a treat!!

Moves like Jagger : Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera

Another  song synonymous with our Cornish road trip…thanks for the memories….using an i-phone for backing vocals, a better rendition of this song there will never be than that performed by Steve in beer garden of the Gurnard’s Head Pub, St Ives.

All for One : I swear

Whilst eating at a Chinese restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark…I was lucky enough to hear an instrumental version only of the classis love song…I Swear…by All 4 One

Rhianna : Whats my name

Boyzone: No Matter What

Angry Anderson : Suddenly

Brooke Fraser : Something in the Water

And the four songs listed where my inflight entertainment….I listened to these tunes over and over again…I offer no excuses…I love boy band music for one thing, the other tunes….I am lost for words…the songs have left me speechless!!

P.S I really like the Brooke Fraser song

It can be said that this holiday was somewhat sweeter than most…I had indeed had a truly wonderful time abroad…..the trip has helping to strengthen a newly formed opinion on the benefits of travel….

For me travel is no longer escapism, I am no longer a traveller who leaves home, with the desire to leave my old life behind, a former believer happiness could only be found in places far removed from the every day.

Today, travel now confirms a new-found happiness I feel with life in general and that feeling seems to be coming a little more constant with the passing of each day….and the joy of travelling is now not confined to just places like the Eiffel Tower or Brick Lane, it can be to my local supermarket in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs…god forbid….even the workplace!!

So to Paris, Odense, Copenhagen, NYC, Bristol, Cornwell and London.. Thank you for being the wonderful, life infusing, confronting, alarming, inspiring and magical places that you are….Cities I hold close to me, like a good friend….Cities that as I write, I am already fantasize about our next catch up

To the people I caught up with during my travels, without these catch ups my holiday landscape would not have been so colourful and bright…I have such great memories of the times spent with friends, old and new, couple that with the kindness shown by complete strangers…and I have enough fond memories till last me till 2013 ( when I next hope to jet set!!)

To people in OZ who loaned me there friends in Paris and NYC….thank you Caz and Elena…I love partaking in a bit of friend stealing now and then!!

And to the cats and dogs, parklands, restaurants, shopping centres, flea markets, coffee carts and tourist attractions…for providing my holiday with the all important stocking fillers…

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  1. Mixed Gems
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 19:16:23

    Ha, ha! “I Swear” a classic. 😉
    So glad to know the trip was such a wonderful time. Lots of wonderful memories to smile about. Xo


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