CUWAM- Home…bittersweet home….

Last night I took myself to the Randwick Ritz Cinema to watch the Australian Box Office smash hit ‘ Red Dog’….for the second time…..Could’nt help myself…I left Flora the cat behind to go out into the world and watch a dog movie….

As I parked my car in the back streets of Randwick, my mind wondered back to my last week in London….for one week ago exactly, I was watching a movie with Jo and Yo in Canary Wharf, London…..Randwick in comparision felt like a country town, the evening sky pink and blue as the sun set, the occasional car on the road, a smattering of people….It certainly has been a change coming home….

I had seen the movie Red Dog in its first week of release back in early August…and it is still on at the Cinema….the Australian public cannot get enough of this film.

For me, it was the perfect film to herald my return to OZ, for the film incaptaulates all that is good aboutt life in OZ, its people, its natural beauty and its fundamental belief in mateship…between men and women…and in this films case….mateship between a dog and an entire town….Yes, the perfect film to help ease me back in life in Sydney…I love Red Dog…Josh Lucas is easy on the eye as well!!…..but I have to admit that I was ever so tempted to see the movie ‘ Crazy Stupid Love’ starring Steve Carrell….my heart strings being pulled in the direction of an American movie, hoping that the film’s location might be NYC, and I could be transported back to my holiday destination….

But no…I was committed to the movie set in the Pilbara region in Western Australian…I sat through a tale of mateship that made my eyes water and my throat tighten….and I left a little more sure of the reasons why I just had to come home to Sydney, Australia…….but I drove home listening to Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind‘……there is still a bit of adjusting to do I guess….

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  1. Mixed Gems
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 19:19:08

    Lovely writing. You’ve got talent, my dear.


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