CUWAM- Time stands still

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Since returning from overseas two weeks ago, I have spent a large portion of my weekends down South…for baby showers, birthdays, well wishing the newly engaged, catching up with friends and family…but the weekends mercy dash to Figtree Private Hospital was by far the most special…for I got to meet my new friend, baby D.P.A….and from the moment I took this little bundle of fluff, with his soft skin, lanky limbs and spiked black hair into my arms for a  cuddle….time stood still….the world stopped spinning around, the chatter in my head was silenced….the weekend schedule was put on the backburner…..all was calm… all that seemed to matter was safe and sound asleep in my arms….It was so lovely to met you D.P.A… I look forward to our future cuddles…..

To D.P.A’s parents….enjoy this truly wonderous time, and when the going gets tough, you know where I am…..and although I would have loved to stay suspended in time with your little angel, I had to get back to the real world, take on the Sunday afternoon traffic and head back to the big smoke… I left the hospital room with a heavy heart….D.P.A, you are so lovely and sweet…..and I can’t wait to see you again….

The week that was jammed packed…it has left me feeling a bit flat…and I long for some quiet time…prehaps I am over doing it?? Only last week I was whingeing about the lack of vitality in Sydney, yet the last week has left me crying out for some rest and relaxation….This is not the adjustment process I envisaged for myself…. What I realise I need is balance….balance that the last two weeks has not provided.

The catch ups continued at a rapid rate….Dinner in Surry Hills at El Loco…Justin Hemmes, the Sydney Nightclub mogul, who can’t seem to put a foot wrong…his latest venture, a no-frill Mexican Cantina, with sublime cocktails and mouth-watering taco selection, combinations such as pork with pineapple salsa, lemon grass beef with salsa verde….Though I tried not to like the place…I could not help it…I am a fan….

After work drinks on the lawn with Kenny and Kate, sipping cider in the early evening….summer I can almost taste you in the air….you are almost here….

Weekend mayhem…..but mayhem that could be handled!! Saturday brunch with Astrid Cattsitter at Bills, Darlinghurst …parking the car in Womerah Avenue to walk to the breakfast date, I strolled along the tree line avenue, and under my breath I whispered to myself….’ When I grow up I want to live here’….No body heard me but a stray black cat….who looked suspiciously like my own feline companion, Flora….a photo shoot took place….And my love of Sydney went up a notch as Astrid and I ate breakfast at the communal table in the cafe, corn fritter, coffee and boiled eggs…..

Coogee Beach and a momentous first beach day out for Ms Mae….adored by all who set eyes on this little lady, enjoying the seaside for the first time….Apparently a tsunami sized wave threatened Dad and Mae as they frolicked on the shore line…but I don’t think the story made the weekend news?? Fun times continued back at my place with drinks, hammock action and territorial behaviour from Flora, who was complemented for her ‘ intense eyes’…

And while this entry does not do justice to the sense of exhaustion I feel at the completion of my second week home in OZ, if I was to say that I have completed three car journies down South, over-hauled a vegetable garden for Strawberries and Mulberries in the summer sun twice, got stuck in numerous traffic jams, committed to life in an office block from 9am-5pm- 5 days a week, rejoined the gym…and although my reintroduction to the treadmill only lasted 16 minutes, I am back at it non the less….and I will stop there…for it is beginning to sound a bit ‘ woe is me’….

….and the thing that will restore me this week is the tv series Cloudsteet…which hit the stores on the 20th of October…and I secured my purchase same day….I cannot wait to loose myself in the tale of two families, the Lambs and the Pickles, and the trials and tribulations that befall them over a 20 year period.

Tim Winton has said ‘ It’s the pointless things that give your life meaning. Friendship, compassion, art, love. All of them pointless. But they’re what keeps life from being meaningless’…..could not have said it better…This blog, Winton’s story,….all of it meaningless….but it helps me to make sense of the day-to-day, it helps to sustain me….and for that I am thankful…..

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