CUWAM- Strong People Endure

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This week I started and finished watching Tim Winton‘s ‘ Cloudstreet‘ on DVD….and while I could not wait to start watching…I knew as credits rolled on firstly, disc one, then disc two…I was getting ever so close to the end of the series…So I started rationing my intake of disc three…watching it over a period of 4 days….I had been greedy with Disc one and two, devouring them in one sitting each….

And when it finally ended….I felt a sense of loss….no longer daily run ins with the Pickles and Lamb family…such wonderful, sturdy, stubborn, flawed and humourous characters..They provided much enjoyment and escapism in an otherwise drab, rather dull week.

To quote Oriel Lamb…’ Strong people endure’… Strong people endure life, they do not give up no matter how hard the task ahead, no matter how over whelming the challenge or how mind numbing a situation….My week was all of that and more and Mrs Lamb provided me with the strength to go about my daily business with my head held high and a smile ( which disapered sometimes!) on my face.

There was work, the 9am-5 pm drudgery of that is office administration….with small pockets of joy, a lunch of sushi in Victoria Park with cousin Liz on Monday….followed by the only other work highlight of the week some 5 days later…the Friday morning tea in the office, a smorgasboard of mini quiche, pies, sausage rolls, gluten-free delights, fresh fruit, cakes, cheeses….Our office does not do things in halves…the Full Monty approach to eating…so much so that most office members forgo lunch on Friday, the 10.30am feeding session providing enough fuel till Saturday breakfast…

Two work highlights, and a few of the after work variety…two gym workouts ( or torture sessions)…necessary to let off office aggression and personal let downs….Dinner at the Carlisle Castle Pub, Newtown, with my former neighbour, Ms Mel….The Sydney Crave Food festival having teamed up with the Carlisle, and a pie of pork bellie, fennel and black-current, served with peas and mash, and a schooner of Coopers Pale Ale, was the perfect way to end a working Wednesday…

A Friday morning pre-work shopping session at Paddy’s Markets, Haymarket, was both exhausting and inspiring….An amazing array of fresh fruit and vegetables, colourful characters and sweet aromas welcome the bargain hunters…and I left with three bags full of goodies…7 punnets of strawberries, 4 mangos and all the ingredients required to make chill corn bread…yummo!

A mid-week conversation with my parents from Marseille, France…jelously is a curse…For Mum and Dad were calling from a small, cobble stoned, rural village…peace and tranquillity could be heard down the phone line…’ So have you applied for any jobs in NYC?’ asked my Father….’ No Dad’ I responded’ I am trying to focus my attention on falling back in love with Australia’….

A free coffee from MacDonalds…not something I would normally included in the blog, but my friend Jess had intrusted me with a few coffee voucher from McCafe…and ever so curious, I just had to try it out….Not bad….and free….Thanks Jess…

Joining in the online writing forum ‘ InkpaperPen’…or Write on Wednesday for the first time…What fun! The topic ‘ What I thought I saw’….viewed oh so breifly on Monday afternoon, and my writers brain kicked into over drive…So caught up in the possibility of the suggested topic…I quickly rephrased the title to my own liking ‘ What I saw’..and ran with it….Oopps…The rules stated you must write under the heading ‘ What I thought I saw’….when trully I believed the topic to be ‘ What I saw’….Confused? I was……

And to the weekend, Friday afternoon cider with work colleagues, Saturday morning baking session, 6 trays of corn bread prepared for a friends engagement party….A long car journey to Normanhurst for the festivities….Summer sun, Happy Goblin beer on tap and much fun with friends, toasting the happy couple, Colin and Elena..complete with baby on the way…A great Saturday afternoon…xxx

And to Sunday, early morning cooking session, adults only fruit salad prepared for my friend, J.K’s Mum 70th b’day celebrations…Adults only as the ingredients consist of strawberries, mango and dessert wine…yummo…Coffee and time for morning cuddles with Flora in my hammock, a sun shower and then a retreat inside….to where I now find myself…typing away about the week that was….

Strong people endure…they keep on trucking….So soon I will set off in my hyundai getz for another celebration, a family coming together to wish their beloved Mum, Grandmother, neighbour and friend a happy 70th Birthday…I can’t wait to get amoungst it….

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