When the music’s over…..

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 22 – Select a piece of music that reflects the mood of writing you’d like to aim for. Press play. Start free writing. Write the first words that come into your head. When the music’s over, so is the writing.

I struggle to write to music, to a tune….but as I strolled to work yesterday, I was hummed to myself the song ‘ I need a dollar’ a song that seems to be getting airplay on commercial radio…

Not a care in the world, the sun shining, the click of my maroon high heel shoes, purchased a month ago at a Brooklyn flea market, the very sight of them enough to entice a smile spread across my face….All is the world was good.

As I passed through Central station, and stepped out onto the foot path, heading on foot towards Broadway, he approached.

A young man, dressed in a hoodie and track suit pants…he looked sad, lost, unsteady on his feet.

‘ Can you spare some loose change Miss?’ he said

Startled from my own private universe of morning thoughts, I looked in his direction…His face, a young man…boy even, with sad eyes, eyes that were struggling to focus on me, vacant…

‘ No’ came my automatic response, and my maroon shoes continued along the well-worn path to work

But the image of the boy stayed with me throughout the day….It would not leave…..That boy was some one’s child, he belonged to someone, yet for whatever reasons, he had picked me that morning to provide the much-needed small change….the more I thought about it seemed that his request was a way of expressing his despair, hurt, disappointment and anger with the world…. Had he just wanted to heard?…acknowledged as a person in need?

I will never know…and some 48 hours later I can’t help but wish my reaction had been more compassionate, more caring…..that I had stopped in my tracks and handed over a couple of coins…but that cannot be for my maroon shoes and I, we kept on walking…

Below is the tune that inspired this piece….

I need a dollar- Aloe Blacc

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lizsdream
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 06:18:56

    I still can’t work out write on Wednesdays Kate. Where do I leave my blog details?

    Power to you for wearing high heals!


  2. Catch Up With A Mate
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 08:59:54

    Liz…I just added some more compassion to my story!! I felt the need… You insert your blog details under this weeks topic ‘ When the music’s over’…at the moment there are 15 submssions…and directly under the num 15 there is the option to ‘ Add your link’…click on that an add your submisison…cannot wait to read your piece!!


  3. Rain
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 02:01:29

    Great piece! Brings back memories of one of the greatest cities in the world, makes me want to listen to that one Sinatra song I like… ahhh… =)

    Of course, that’s not what matters. The piece is actually very good. The flavours and textures of New York City, both the high and the low, are very well represented through subtle hints — the clothes and expression of the man, the flea-market high-heeled shoes of the protagonist, the song you chose to write to. Good stuff.

    / Rain


  4. Sarah Mac
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 11:59:28

    Liz – just in case you are still struggling with this – go to http://inkpaperpen.blogspot.com/2011/10/when-musics-overits-write-on-wednesday.html and you will see the link at the bottom of the post.

    This really made me think Kate – so often these people are faceless, we just dont see them but the reality is as you say. They are someones son, they are real people, they deserve a little of our compassion.


    • Catch Up With A Mate
      Nov 05, 2011 @ 02:01:15

      Thanks for your comments Sarah…I think Liz is on board now!!
      I am glad you liked my piece…I still think about the encounter with this young man…and I hope that my reaction next time will be different…


  5. Ink Paper Pen
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 23:37:10

    I liked all the detail you gave us, in a natural, subtle way. You caught a split moment decision in the piece, the second it takes to say yes or no and the hours afterwards spent mulling over the decision. I think this is something we can all relate to. Lovely


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