CUWAM- 5 weekly DVD rentals or 1 Blockbuster Overnight Hire??!!

The week that was can best be described by the title of this blog entry…..Does one splurge on the blockbuster, new release DVD, with which you have it on loan for a mere 24 hours  or do you  spend the same amount of money on hiring 5 weeklies?….with you can be yours for 7 full days?

The week that was , was a ‘ 5 weekly DVD hire’ kind of week….the kind of week that is comfortable, you have seen much of its content before, it is familiar, rarely causing you to break out into a sweat, induce tears, contagious laughter or fits of terror….A familar week with familiar routines….Kind of like hiring ‘ ET’, ‘Ferris Buellers Day Off’, ‘ The Goonies’, ‘ Beaches’ and ‘ Dead Poets Society’….movies you have seen time and time again, movies so familiar to you that you can recite line after line, movies that no longer surprise or shock…but films bring lends themselves nicely to fond childhood memories,  you laugh, cry and cheer in all the right places….That was my week…

Work…ho hum, ho hum…it was BUSY….I assumed title of data entry Queen…and I will wear that title I fear for some weeks to come…There was gym sessions, works outs on the dreaded tread mill, and stair climber….Nights in front of the tv, watching the X-Factor final ( I can’t help but like little Reece, but I found his duet with the Queen of Pop, Our Kylie, kind of creepy…she is old enough to be his Mother…there, I said it and got it off my chest), time spent chatting to family and friends, facebook time, blogging time…just passing time.

The blockbuster event of the week, the stand out for me was catching up with my wonderful friend Fernanda, dining at a vegetarian restaurant Crown street Surry Hills, with mother to be Elena and her confidant, Glenn,  followed by Fernanda and me  catching the 352 bus to the Palace Cinema in Paddington to see the movie-doco  Bill Cunningham’s New York

What a treat, what a story….a whimiscal true tale of a man, his camera and the delight he gets from capturing the every day beauties on the streets of NYC…Having just returned from this city, it was wonderful to see the Big Apple on-screen, and both Fernanda and I lost ourselves for a couple of hours as we got to see NY through Bill’s eyes….To quote the man directly, ” He who seeks beauty shall find it’……and that is what we, as audience members saw , beauty in the ordinary, the familiar, the everyday and the extraordinary……

I returned to my weekly rental approach to life with a thud the next day, having left my umbrella in the cinema the night before, I was sadly aware that I could not get by without by rain protection device ( for Sydney was in tantrum mode, it had been raining for fours days straight) I would not survive….So Thursday night was spent collecting my lost umbrella and returning home to watch ‘ Escape to the Country’ on digital tv….

The weekend came and went all too soon….Saturday, a baby shower, and my role was games master, the Andrew O’Keefe of Deal or No Deal, but with a baby theme….I treated those in attendance to baby food Masterchef and baby trivia….the third game, choose to eat either a pink or blue biscuit, sadly did not make the cut, and I returned home that evening with 30 iced biscuits decorated with jelly babies….On a side note, Flora the cat quiet fancied the butter icing….

Sunday I visited by Aunt and Uncle in Gosford, a lovely town about 1.5 hours North of Sydney….A place I wished I had visited sooner….On being greeted by my Aunt, I remarked, ‘ So how long have you lived here, is it two years?’  The response came as a shock ‘ Nine years dear’….Oh dear indeed…

I was treated to a divine lunch, the smell from the kitchen stuck me as soon as I entered the house…’ It smells just like Nan’s house’ I remarked…and that it did….My Aunt cooks just like my Nan used too….Home cooked meals, meat and many vegetables, gravy….a glass of red…dessert, with lashings of cream, cups of coffee and home-made chocolate slice….

My Uncle  is not well, and time was spent talking to him, talking about life,the good, the bad and the ugly…. Chatting about his work as a writer, and his dedication and commitment to story telling….when he suggested he include a chapter about Flora my cat and I, I advised against it, stating that he has a best seller on his hands….a chapter on Flora and I would be a disservice to his work!!

Today I am back at work…I am unsure of what this week has in store…I could cope with a week full of blockbuster action, then again, I could quite happily settle for a week full of everyday rentals….

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