The humble cup of coffee, a great friendship fire starter, initiator of  catch ups and conversation.

For reasons unknown to me, I did not become a fan of caffeine till I moved as a 22-year-old to the United Kingdom in January, 2001. The stark contrast in temperature, for I left a balmy Australian summer for sub-zero temperatures, and rations of sunlight….drove me to drink….anything to warm the soul, hot chocolate, tea, but my favourite hot drink soon became coffee.

Coffee you have been my friend for 10 years know, and a faithful one at that…

I love nothing more than dropping into my local cafe in Clovelly, Parc for a cappuchino…..I no longer need to place my order, the barista just makes my coffee, I smile and leave moments later with a cup of caffeine laden goodness to start the day.

Then there are the catch ups with friend and family that involved coffee, meetings were you consume multiple cups, and the conversation flows effortlessly, and many hours later you get the evil eye from the waiter, implying that you time is up!! If asked to out my favourite coffee-house in Sydney it would have to be the iconic Cafe Hernandez, Potts Point….a real gem, a place you enter and instantly feel at home, surrounded by coffee beans, roasting machines and locals alike….a place that has to be experienced….

Memories of drinking large mocha coffees with whipped cream in cup that resembled large bowls in Scotland, thimble sized shots in fine dining establishments in Sydney, and the dreaded instant coffee in office lunch rooms in London….but no matter the situation, coffee is always best when drunk with friends… and friends equal the perfect blend.

On the weekend I felt like trying out a new cafe for a caffeine hit, and I visited Ruby’s Diner Queens Park, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs….I located this little gem by using a friends blog which reviews cafes….Sydney On Sunday….It worked a treat, the blog was spot on…I wanted to find a cafe close to home, that would provide me with a yummy meal and yummy coffee…Bingo…Ruby’s did not dissapoint…And there was bonus conversation with an old study friend, and the chance to meet her new baby.

So here is to coffee, a great friendship fire starter, simply tell you mate the kettles on, the chocolate biscuits are on the table, and watch your kitchen fill up with friendly faces….If that fails, and your mates are coffee snobs, you’ll find a cafe on almost every street corner now ( in my home town on the South Coast a local nursery is selling the stuff!!)  get some good-looking barista to whip you up a latte or three….

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