CUWAM- 7 days, 7 Suburbs…too cool for school…..

Too cool for school

The week that was, well, slightly too cool…As the title of this blog entry suggests, I visited 7 Sydney suburbs in 7 days….and whilst I was without my camera for much of the week ( having it left it on the South Coast at Mum and Dad’s since mid November) the photo above  does justice to the week that was…

This photo was taken in London two months ago….in a cafe on Berwick Street, Soho….Flat White, a cute little cafe where my friend Jill and I had breakfast and lovely cups of coffee….It was,as the cafe patrons in the image above suggest, to cool for school!!

Sydney, when it wants to be, can be very, very cool….quiet literally at the moment, for Spring has gone, replaced by summer, but there is a chill in the air, it has been the coldest start to summer in 44 years…and I am seriously thinking of relocating to the Bahamas…

And now for the 7 suburbs of Sydney tale, a modern-day fairytale of friendship, fun times, cocktails and coffee cups

Kings Cross,  1340, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney….Where a girl goes after a day of office administration….Catching the train direct from Redfern to immersing oneself in glory of Sydney’s underbelly, the neon lights, the call girls, the down and out, the crazy, the possessed, the business men and women, the celebrities…The Cross is where I feel most alive, and after wallowing in a coma like state from 9am-5pm, if the Cross can’t send a bolt of electricity through the system…nothing can. I did a work out at the Gym, a 30 minute treadmill session,  a bit of  shopping for dinner, then headed home by bus.

Newtown, 2042, Inner West,  Sydney….Following another day of office administration…another Gym session…Newtown was my suburb of choice….A suburb known for it eclectic mix of shops, from a button Emporium to tattoo parlours, designer clothing to sushi..Newtown has something for everyone…On Tuesday this suburb provided me with yet another chance to jump on a treadmill, quick step it onto a stair machine…Break out into a sweat and educe a thirst that could only be quenched by litres of Sydney tap water….Feeling rather pleased with myself, I shopped for dinner and caught the bus home

Bondi Beach, 2026, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney….A blustering wind, and an arctic chill…Where better to spend the last day of Spring that at Bondi Beach…My home girl, Jenny Kline and I sipped on coffee and chatted about life, death and Guy Sebsation…We then met up with our mutual friend April and her home girl, Claire, both ladies having just stepped of an all day filming shoot!! Famous!! April’s boyfriend is producing a new tv series, shameless plug, here we go….titled ‘ Micro Nation’,which will air on Channel 11 in the new year….Over dinner at the divine Thai restaurant, Rice Pot,  April and Claire filled us in on their day as tv extras, and as a group of four we continued chatting into the evening, about life, death and Guy Sebastian!!

Newtown, 2042, Inner West, Sydney…. The homing instinct kicked in..Having spent several years  renting in the inner west,  when the invite to after work drinks at Madam Fling Flongs, King Street, Newtown, circulated the office, I felt instantly happy, my heart skipped a beat, my mind drifted away from data entry, and focused on summer mojitos  with lime and passionfruit….. Members of our office were celebrating the departure our good friend Elena, leaving work after a promotion of the highest kind…impending motherhood….The champange, cocktails and mocktails for the mother to be flowed into the early evening….we chatted, laughed and toasted our friend….A good night, in a great bar and fabulous company.

Camperdown,  2050, Inner West, I upped the anti before and during the work day on Friday..the day I explored the wonderful motorbike / bicycle emporium, Deus Ex Machina….stopping by their Bourke street outlet pre work for a coffee….and shopping at lunch time in the Deus Australia ‘ House of Simple Pleasures’ motorbike shop Camperdown…Wow wee…Did I feel cool or what….Despite not being a true  bike or motorbike fan, I could not helped but be overcome with both outlets….The beautiful people, the beautiful bikes, the beautiful clothes, the cafe, the coffee…Readers take note, not feeling to cool….drop in in person to a Deus store or browse their website….Coolness is therefore guaranteed.

Deus Ex Machina

Surry Hills, 2010, Inner City, Sydney….a catch up session with the girls from work…at the very la de dah establishment, the Winery, Surry Hills, for the girl’s picnic…Over champagne, canapes, cheese and sweet morsels of sweet things, we dined on the picnic fare…It was fabulous…The sun was out, and whilst there was a slight breeze, there was a hint of summer in the air….Leaving the Winery at 5.30pm, we headed on foot to Cafe Lounge, for happy hour cocktails, gossiping and general chit chat….A fine way to spend a Saturday

Dulwich Hill, 2203 , Inner West, Sydney….a catch up of the family kind, complete with Grandparents, Aunt and cousins….A BBQ lunch and the chance to check out my cousins new inner west pad….Wow wee!! Lovely!! Coffee and tea, chocolates and the chance to catch up on all things family, impending weddings and Christmas celebrations, holidays, road trips and cats and dogs…A wonderful way to spend Sunday.

And that, in a nut shell was my week…7 days, 7 suburbs and a sense of inner city coolness that I hope will last all summer long….

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  1. Veronica @ Mixed Gems
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 12:24:41

    Wow, you get around! My current lifestyle would probably bore you to tears! Glad to see you are keeping busy and active


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