High Tea with the girls

There appears to be a bit of a high tea resurgence in Sydney….Is is taking place else where?

High Tea, a light meal of crustless sandwiches, cold mini quiches, dainty sweet pastries, served with tea in quaint cups, colourful surrounds, vintage tablecloths, lace doilies, lots of chatter, fresh flowers….

A tea ceremony that can span many hours, starting at Midday and carrying on into late afternoon, and the longer the afternoon lingers, the more likely Champagne flutes will replace tea cups…and dancing replace gossip.

High Tea with the girls, a great way to spend an afternoon….

On Saturday I experience high tea, Surry Hills style….The Winery, located on Crown street is girl heaven….Opulent and bold in its decor, our table was dressed in blue and white polka dot table clothes, and dressed with freshly cut red roses….Our waiter introduces himself as Ben, and was attentive, making sure our classes were alway full with minted lemonade, and more importantly, French Bubbly!! Forget the tea cups, our High Tea experience was called the ‘ Girls Picnic’, and we wined and dined to a great selection early 90’s pop and chatted till late afternoon….

High Tea in Sydney also operates out of the Victoria Rooms, Darlinghurst….This is High tea at its classy best, something every one must experience once in their life…Taken from the Victoria Rooms website, this is what you can expect:

Richly decorated in British-Raj style, this exotic dining room and award-winning cocktail bar exude bon-vivant chic.
The perfect table will be found against a backdrop of decorative screens, paintings, lush palms and rich wallpapers.

High tea and cocktail heaven await you ladies and gentlemen at the Victoria Rooms…..

Traditionalist may find the perfect cup of tea at the The Tea Room, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney City…Over scones, sweet and savory pasteries, you could forgive yourself for thinking you had been transported to Buckingham Palace…The large tea room almost commands one to be on their best behaviour… you feel compelled to sit up straight, sip your tea slowly and wait to be invited to eat the next petite four!

So whatever your cup of tea I hope that these establishments inspire….And if you can’t make it to any of the above for cuppa…..there is nothing stopping you putting the kettle on, brushing the dust of a few of Grandma’s vintage cups and saucers, making the table all pretty, putting some old Madonna records, plating up a platter with some home-made slice and biscuits, and having the girls over for a good chin wag…

Readers…Have you experienced a ‘ High Tea’ ceremony that you would like to share? In another state, country, family home…Love to hear about what made it so special…Comment away!!

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