CUWAM- Mini break in Melbourne

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I love Melbourne, the wonderful Victorian Capital…I love the place so much that it prevented my from my usual Monday blog….apologies.

I was in St Kilda yesterday, indulging in my second coffee of the day at Galleon Cafe on Carlisle street, when I spotted an internet cafe. Ahhh, I thought, I could go on inside and write about the week that was…Another sip of coffee, another thought….No, the sun was out and I was in St Kilda…the day was to be enjoyed, I could write any old time…So I took myself to the beach, lay day on a bench, and as I soaked up some rays I thought about writing…..

Melbourne, you NEVER dissapoint…..Sydney, on the other hand, has over the last two weeks!! Summer, where are you? The sky has been a permanent shade of gray since the 1st of December, Summer you have abandoned me!!

A  soggy week in Sydney, the usual gym sessions in King Cross failing to inspire, my mood, like to weather, was gray…And when you aren’t feeling on top of your game, Kings Cross is not the place to be….The usual kick I get from being immersed in Sydney’s underbelly could not be rallied, the Cross felt ugly, dirty and depressing….I saw sadness everywhere, the homeless, the drug addicted…

Lunch date with the parental in Newtown did lift my spirits somewhat. We ate lunch mid-week at Berkelouw Bookstore and Cafe, Newtown. It was the first time in 5 years that my parents had dared to venture on public transport to my place of work. My Dad, looking like an intrepid traveller, complete with backpack and water bottle, my Mum, always side stepping to admire the everyday art in shop windows and buildings…Happy to be out and about, soaking up life Sydney style. Heres to more lunches!!

A Thursday movie session, leaving work 15 minutes early to catch the 5pm time slot at Hoyts Broadway…the film, ‘ Puss in Boots’…A film I hoped with be the ray of sunshine my week needed…It would be  wonderful, amusing, entertaining on many levels.. Alas, I left the cinema disspointed…for it was none of those things!! Antonio Banderas aka Puss failed to ignite the screen, and even a Spanish inspired dance off with love interest, Kitty Soft Paws aka Salma Hayek…left the audience feeling flat….There was no feline love for Mr Boots…Oh well, onwards and upwards….

Friday and my mood was starting to lift….yes there was a day of office administration, but the evening, the evening  was all about celebrating….a work  Christmas Party, followed by drinks and Tapas in Glebe..Fun times for all, sore heads all round!!

Friday Night celebrations  turned into Saturday early morning hilarity…a cab ride home and lights out at 1am…..Only to awake some 5 hours later to my mobile phone alarm….Guaranteed headache!! An early morning flight to Melbourne, pre arranged some months earlier, now seemed like a very, very, very bad idea….And flying Tiger airlines, the airline that had grounded my mid holiday back in July, seemed just as dubious!!

But despite my lack of enthusiasm for weekend away, I arrived at Sydney airport by bus, Melbourne airport by plane ( Tiger was GREAT!!) and Melbourne city by bus. I then headed on foot to my hotel on King Street and slept the afternoon away….I awoke at 5pm, and feeling somewhat more in the land of the living, started my day afresh!!

On foot I walked to Lygon Street, Carlton…I ate at University Cafe, a bowl of spaghetti, some fresh bread, tiramisu from Brunetti’s…and then back on foot to my hotel…8pm and bed was calling…it had been a hard day of enjoyment, all 3 hours of it!!

Sunday I went to Collingwood Children’s Farm, caught up with my cousin Andrew and his divine daughter, Benjamine Rose…what a sweet heart!! Over coffee, passionfruit yo-yo biscuits and hot cross buns, we caught up…a breif stroll  around the farm grounds, saying a friendly hello to Goats, Cows and the very friendly Children’s Farm cat…A pit stop at my cousins home, conversation, chocolate and more coffee with Emma, Andrew’s wife, and then back to the streets, solo…..exploring Fitzroy, the Lost and Found Markets, Brunswick and Gertrude street, a snack from Colombian cafe, Sonido….Yum, and then more market madness, in Rose Street…

Dinner with Jen, my travelling companion circa 2001 and a change to meet her new four legged friend, Lambert, the wonder dog!! Food and Jen are always  inspiring…Jen knows the hot spots and Sunday dinner was hot…the Wesley Anne in Northcote…another stunner, thanks Jen! Beers, good conversation and meal, pork sausages, mash, brocolli….food coma soon followed by tram ride

Monday, back on tram to Northcote, to sample breakfast at the much talked about ‘ Penny Farthing’…breakfast, balsamic vinegar mushrooms, avocado and sour dow toast, coffee…Perfect start to my Monday, a day normally set aside for office madness, data entry, emailing and the like…But NOT today!!

Tram ride to St Kilda, more coffee sipping, window shopping and sun baking….Tram ride back to the city, embracing the Christmas cheer, looking briefly in the direction of the Myer Christmas Windows, walking in and quickly out of large department store, a late lunch at Mc Donalds ( I am on Holidays…don’t judge me!!) and then in a heart beat…well two bus rides, one plane flight and a bit of light walking…and I am home…in Sydney…and all is gray, cold and miserable…and I want to be back in Melbourne, lost in a laneway, staring at street art, back where the sun shone ( or at least appeared on a daily basis)…But Sydney, you are my home, and I am back giving you a second chance, whatever it takes, a third, a forth…please just let summer know that we miss her!!

Food lovers guide to eating out in Melbourne

The Galleon Cafe, St Kilda

Sonido, Gertrude Street

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Wesley Anne, Northcote

Penny Farthing Cafe, Northcote

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