CUWAM- The Twelfth Beach of Christmas:Gordon’s Bay

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With the weather still failing to ignite a summer like atmosphere, composing an ode to 12 beaches and/ or seaside living is proving rather challenging.

Yesterday, with the sun making a brief appearance around midday, I hopped in my car and drove to a wonderful watering hole, known as by all as Gordon’s Bay, on Sydney’s  Eastern Coastline.

Nestled in between Clovelly and Coogee Beaches, is this small alcove, a place renowned for its treasures,  both above and below the water. Gordon’s Bay is part of the famous seaside beach walk that takes a person from Coogee  to Bondi Beach….The walking track taking you past Gordon’s Bay, allowing you to view her beauty without even getting your feet wet…the stunning rocky cliffs, the moored boats, the shimmering  ocean, that sparkles in various shades of blue, turquoise and aqua throughout the day.

It was a strategic decision of mine to kick-start the 12 beaches of Christmas with Gordon’s Bay…I have lived the past 2 years in a very privileged part of Sydney city…Never in a million years will I be able to afford to buy a place in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney…and I suspect as the years roll by I will also be unable to afford rent!!

But upon realising how lucky I was to live in this vibrant city, and in a suburb 5 minutes from the ocean, I attempted to embrace the city/ seaside lifestyle with gusto. I talked to locals, who recommended I invest in a snorkel set ‘ for Gordon’s Bay’ as ‘ viewing the underwater world is a must’.

The snorkel set was delivered by St Nick for Christmas 2009-2010 and…had…never…been….used…..

The reason it has never been used… seems a lame and very poor excuse…but to put it simply….life got in the way…The clutter of the everyday, it became to easy to put off a dip in the bay, snorkel set in tow, for the weather was poor, the temperature of the sea to cold, the ‘to do’ list too long…Hell, even the 12 beaches of Christmas campaign was not enough ammunition to get me in the water yesterday.

But I love the sea, I can honestly say that I have never felt quiet at home in the city of Sydney, before moving closer to the water….For me, happiness is when I am close to the ocean…and it gave me joy to go down to Gordon’s Bay yesterday, camera in hand and start the day with a bit of seaside beauty.

Kick starting the 12 Beaches of Christmas with Gordon’s Bay is my way of committing to getting amongst the underwater world in 2012.…With 11 beaches to go in could be before the year it out…Watch this space…Alternatively, join me at Gordon’s for what is guaranteed to be a momentous occasion!!

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