CUWAM- The eleventh beach of Christmas: The Backyard Swimming Pool

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I admit the that the backyard swimming pool is NOT a beach, but on hot summer days in the city of Sydney…it is just as good…if not better!!

With the weather still under par, I visited a good friend’s home yesterday, and asked if I could take photos of the families stunning backyard…An oasis in Sydney’s inner west. a backyard I have fond memories of….having swum in the pool on numerous occasions, hot summer nights, when inner city living made it almost impossible to keep cool….It was then that this humble backyard pool became mankind’s best friend.

Having spent a privileged childhood by the sea, it was not till I moved out of home, leaving the South Coast behind for the big smoke of Sydney city, that I realised just how lucky I had been. Having grown up by the water, it could not be more true, that yes, I took the ocean for granted…It was just there and as a child if I felt like a swim, all I had to do was walk down the road, in a matter of minutes I could be blissfully floating in the big blue bath tub.

But as a young adult, flat sharing in Sydney’s inner west in the peak of summer…it dawned on me as the ceiling fan whirled hot air around my room, sweat dripping down my brow…that I had indeed been a lucky, lucky girl….That same summer, as my Mint Green Honda civic, sans air conditioning, attempted with the million other commuters to get Sydney’s eastern suburbs beaches, it again rang true….Oh how lucky my childhood had been….That beach mission was aborted on Oxford street…The heat was too intense…I had already been in the car for one hour, and was still a  good distance away….Lesson learnt….Sydney on a hot day equals snail pace traffic…all heading in one direction…the water….

City living has thus made me appreciate the backyard swimming pool….for its convenience, reliable good times and reassuring cooling effort when life in the concrete jungle gets you down….But again, like the ocean, is often overlooked….taken for granted….Bemoaned when the weekly clean creeps around and chlorine test have to be done…

But the backyard pool is responsible for much joy, that after work dip after a day in the office, the luxury of multiple swims per day….it is, after all, always there for you in times of need….pool parties, family get together’s, capable of bring together the young and young at heart….

So if you are lucky enough to have a backyard pool, your own private summer time oasis….Three cheers for you!!….Why? Because you own a little slice of beach inspired heaven.

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