CUWAM: The tenth beach of Christmas: Coal Cliff Rock Pool

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Again I have to confess that whilst we are well and truly into the summer season, with St Nick arriving in 5 sleeps…. whilst this is the third beach in the Chrissie cronicle…I have yet to take a dip in the water….but…it…will…happen..

But I fear my beach ode’s may suffer as a result of remaining dry and my writing may fail to capture the true joy that a swim in the sea evokes…But the end is in sight!!

Today I am submitting this post in my home town of Austinmer, at the parental home. I have driven down South today to catch up this evening with some wonderful girlfriends for a meal and a few drinks. I am staying the night, and in my overnight bag, I went all out…for a I packed my swimmers, sun cream and beach towel…for tomorrow, I believe, might be the day of days to finally get amongst some seaside action!

But back to today, before leaving Sydney, I committed to the idea of taking the Coast Road home, for one simple reason, it would take me to the sea. So leaving the Princess Highway, I took the Helensburgh turnoff, and embarked upon a piece of road that would take me from mountain to sea.

My destination of choice was Coal Cliff rock pool and beach. I glanced out at Stanwell Park Beach…and tough tempted by it the surf and sand, I had a predetermined date with a coastal hidden treasure.

As a young girl I have vague memories of swimming at the Coal Cliff rock  pool…of getting c into my swimmers in the change rooms, and being surrounded by numerous old ladies…all doing the same thing, their large naked bodies shaking as they heaved and hoisted themselves into their swimming trunks….As I took the path down to the rock pool today, this memory came flooding back…..But to be  completing honest, it was probably only one old naked lady that day in the change shed. but when you are young, and possess a vivid imagination…anything is possible!!

Coal Cliff rock pool, a hidden gem, one of many along the northern parts of the Illawarra / South Coast Region..To bask in its beauty you need to leave the main road, taking a sharp left, to enter into a sleepy residential street full of big homes, which prevent the beach seeker from seeing the pool and sea…But it is there, it is well signed, and once you visit this place once…like an old friend…you will be back to see her!

It must have been 20 years since I have visited Coal Cliff rock pool…but in an instant I was taken back to my childhood, of fun times in the sun ( with old naked women!!) Whilst today’s visit was short and I was there to merely reacquaint myself with the place…it definelty has a hold on me… I ache to go back…Lucky I packed my swimmers in my over night bag…..

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