CUWAM- The Ninth and Eighth beach of Christmas. The combo edition, Parsley Bay and Milk Beach

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On reflection, today could almost be seen as the first official day of summer in Sydney…for I believe it is the first day that the city has not experienced rain….Yippee!!

And with the sun making an appearance for more than 2 hours in a row, I marked the occasion by getting in my car and driving to one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs: Vaucluse.

Vaucluse…what can I say….You are simply stunning….you won my heart back in late 2007 when I first swam at the delightful Neilson Park, on a night when the summer heat enticed swimmers into the water late into the evening. And since that first swim at Neilson, I have returned, numerous times, for picnic with friends, early morning swims and even a Sydney Festival event, a Dawn Choir in the summer of 2008.

But so often I had heard Sydney siders talk off Vaucluse’s hidden seaside gems…of Parsley Bay
Hermitage and Milk Beach….but never on any of my day trips to the area had they revealed themselves to me.

Thank goodness for this summers 12 Beaches of Christmas campaign!! Ever determined, and armed with all the essential tools for this intrepid outing ie street directly, I took to the streets in search of
some Eastern Suburbs paradise.

I discovered Parsley Bay with relative ease…so much ease that it occurred to me I could have made this discovery many moons ago if I had not been so stubborn in insisting on car rides without street guide…But there are no regrets here…Parsley Bay was in all her glory, the sun shone, and a smattering of people were their enjoying both the parkland and ocean playground.

Inspired by the Parsley Bay discovery, after taking a few photos, I hoped back in my car….My plan was to tackle another long admired, ever elusive swimming spot…the fabled Milk Beach.

Milk Beach features on the NSW Tourism website as one of Sydney’s Secret Beaches…And this is no lie, Milk Beach is the holy grail of seaside discoveries in the East!!

A work colleague had told a tale of a magical Sydney beach, a place that allowed you a ocean dip whilst basking in stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and City Skyline…that place was Milk Beach.

And to my delight, and with heaped praise for the street directory, Milk Beach revealed itself to me….…On a stunning Sydney afternoon, I had my first harbour swim of the season…..I had to share the beach with one other couple, and a bride and groom, having an afternoon wedding photo shoot on the sand….A priceless way to spend the first day of Sydney sun.

I think I will stop here…The photos speak for themselves…and reinforce my belief that for a perfect summers day in Sydney, all one needs is a little bit of luck ( or a street directory!!) , a swimming costume, sun cream and hat…the city takes care of the rest…Simply stunning secret beaches and parklands that are there for all the enjoy.

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