CUWAM- The Third Beach of Christmas : Roof Top Pool Party, Sydney City, NYE

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Wow I am a lucky, lucky girl. I have such wonderful friends and family….and this New Years Eve, two of them were in town to herald in 2012.

Jo and Yo, my friends from London had jetted into town for a quick visit. When both of these boys are in town you are in for a good time. Both of them don’t use the word ‘ No’ in there vocabuary….they are ‘ Yes’ people and the only option to go along for the ride…and what a ride it will be. Jo and Yo just go…and go and go and go…collecting like minded people along the way, be it in London, Buenos Ares, New York, Wollongong or Sydney, a process which makes the world feel like a smaller, friendlier place

I would describe them both as global pied pipers of friendship and fun, and if you are lucky enough to get swept up in thel party….be open to it as you never know what type of adventures will follow.

First there was a night out on the town on the 30th of December, in which Jo, Yo, their friend Richard and I celebrated a little to hard…partying  like it was 1999, except it was 2011 and there was still another 24 hours of the year to enjoy. With all four of us peaking to early…the fact that we all had to back it up on the 31st of December proved somewhat challenging.

Nursing hangovers, there was only one way to approach the task at hand….drink up and enjoy. The mojito’s flowed, the guacamole was devoured and laughter and conversation filled the boys hotel room. The group slowly grew and by  8.30pm, we were a party of 10 and headed to the hotel roof top. We watched the 9pm fireworks, with somewhat restricted views, but a special treat just the same. We were a lucky group, celebrating the New Year amongst the city skyscrapers, complete with wine, sparklers, party poppers and good company.

But the real treat was the roof top pool, swimming in the late evening, with a panoramic view of the city lights…a dip in the pool, like one big cleansing bath, the perfect way to wash away 2011 in preparation for coming year….

The laughter, joy, tears, sadness of 2011 were to be left behind….as soon the New Year was to be upon us….Night swimming, with good friends, a celebratory mood in the air.

New Years Eve 2011….spent sky high on the roof top of a Sydney hotel, with pool, spa, sauna access, a fireworks show that was world class….but if I was to pin point the real highlight of the evening….it would be the company, the good friends I celebrated with….You were the true gems of the evening, and have instilled me with a sense of joy and wonder about the coming year….

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  1. Kristina Carey
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 07:09:17

    International pied pipers indeed! It was great catching up to wave around some sparklers and ring in the new year with you Kate. Look forward to reading more of your blogs on CUWAM in 2012, and who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to share another catch up with you too! Kris


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