CUWAM- The first beach of Christmas: Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, Sydney

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And so it is that I come to write about the first beach of Christmas…which is actually an inner city pool, set only minutes from the Sydney Botanic Gardens, with its stunning views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Without further ado, I introduce the Andrew ( Boy) Charlton Pool, located in the Domain, Sydney.

Click HERE to visit Andrew ( Boy) Charlton Pool

Wow wee..I could not end this series of posts on a better note….

I had attempted to visit the Andrew ( Boy) Charlton Pool on New Years Eve…intent on ending 2011 on a high, with a swim in an inner city pool I had never before ventured too….I had packed my swimming bag and headed by bus into the city….Arriving to the Domain at 1pm, it became very clear that this swim was not going to happen…..The road to the pool was closed, hundreds upon hundreds of keen beans had begun queuing early for the entry into the 2011  fire work show…..

With the pool located near the prime vantage points for firework viewing, I was forced to do a u-turn, this swim was not to be….thank goodness for the NYE roof top pool party!!

Fast forward to 2012, and a day of extreme heat was felt across the city yesterday…perfect for a bit of after work poolside action.

The joy of the Andrew ( Boy) Charlton pool adventure started for me when I alighted the bus at Circular Quay…forcing  me to walk on route through the Botanic Gardens….Passing canoddling couples, picnickers and revellers still heralding in 2012,and enabling me to  leave memories of office life behind, and lose myself in the gardens beautiful flora, fauna and people.

Arriving pool side in under 10 minutes, the $5.80 entry free was worth it. The salt water oasis is nestled along side Wolloomooloo Wharf, allowing the swimmer to view navy ships and ocean liners through the glass walls that encase the pool.

And whilst the place seemed to be an after work haven for serious lap swimmers, I cooled of in 1 metre deep kiddies pool….which I had all to myself. I then took a hot shower in the change rooms, dressed and re-entered society..feeling like a new woman….

On my journey home, I again strolled through the Botanic Gardens, soaking up views of the harbour and that bridge and that house with sails on the roof….Heavenly….

So do yourself a favour, next time you are in Sydney, visit this inner city pool…one that probably only locals know about…but now you do too….This information is my Christmas / New Years gift to my valued readers…I highly recommend this place, and all the other beaches / pools I have reviewed during this series.

Happy Summer Swimming to each and every one of you

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